Friday, January 5th

You’re early, Vikki comments when finding Scott waiting outside her office. Are you coming? she opens the door.

As Cane looks at Lily’s number on his phone, JT comes into the house after a run to ask how Sam is – and mention the attractive nanny. He’s heading up for a shower when he answers the door and is served a large yellow envelope. Nothing important, he tells Cane.

Seated at the club, Abby’s mind is on their trip to Paris. Lily admits her mind is indeed on a man – Cane and I kissed yesterday.

Mike’s at the Abbott home to hear about Jack throwing Graham out of the house. If Dina was going willingly, Jack might be charged with assault. Mike will look into changing the power of attorney but the Abbott kids must get Dina to change her will. Graham then arrives with a court order and a cop – you’re to turn Dina over to my care. Jack, Ashley and Traci are understandably not happy.

Abby’s delighted to hear about Lily and Cane’s romantic kiss (even though Lily’s still not sure what it means for their future) Back to the business trip, Abby’s so happy she and Lily are going together. Lily doesn’t look as enthused as she gets up (to go meet with Vikki about the trip)

JT comes down dressed to pour himself some tea and tell Cane that he’s meeting Vikki later to discuss Reed’s DUI court date that’s coming up. When Cane confides that he and Lily took a big step forward, JT smiles – maybe there’s hope for us all.

Mike reads the paperwork; which gives Graham the right to remove Dina from the house. Jack, Traci and Ashley object – to hell with the law. Near tears, Traci pleads with Graham to reconsider for Dina’s sake. When he won’t, she marches upstairs saying ‘you leave me no choice’

Yes, Vikki’s brought Scott in to discuss Hashtag – to demand he write a feature on teens and alcohol with an emphasis on drunk driving. She also refuses to let Scott work from home. Having heard about the fight at the club, Vikki sees no reason he can’t work with Abby – from the office. When Abby arrives (with Lily) she reminds Scott that they have a meeting before she leaves for Paris. I’ll be there, Scott leaves Abby rolling her eyes.

How long does it take to pack a bag? Graham grumbles. Ashley and Mike then stop Jack from throwing him out again. When Paul arrives, Traci’s praised for her ‘smart move’ (she wasn’t upstairs helping Dina pack as assumed) Telling Graham that Paul is a family friend and chief of police, Jack’s sure he’ll sort this out.

Cane leaves a message for Lily – he’s happy with the way things went last night; call or come by. I’d love to see you.