Friday, January 5th

Back at the office, Vikki and Abby are excited about the Paris trip. Lily’s quiet – but it all sounds terrific. Have you changed your mind about going? Abby asks.

Paul’s job is to ensure the Judge’s orders are enforced. Can we go now? Graham asks. Traci has another idea – maybe Dina will refuse to go today. Alas, on cue Dina comes down eager to leave this terrible place (with Graham) When Jack tries to speak, Dina silences him – she won’t have her children be rude to her friends. Reminded to go get her bag, Dina coos at Graham – you always know how to take good care of me.

Lily’s fine with going away for a week but hesitates when hearing it might be longer. You could be going back and forth between continents for a while, she’s told. I’m in, Lily decides. If her relationship with Cane doesn’t survive this it wasn’t meant to be. Leaving the office, they bump into JT. Abby thought he left. And leave all the lovely ladies in GC? Not a chance, JT seems to be flirting again.

When Dina talks about a trip she thinks she took with Graham, the kids remind that she took that trip with John. Of course, but Dina’s now ready to make new memories. Traci asks if the trip can be postponed so they can visit longer. Promising that she’ll come back to visit, Dina hugs the girls, then her ‘sweet boy’. She’ll send postcards. Remember I love you, I always want what’s best for you, Jack chokes up. Dina WILL have the best – with Graham. Jack follows them out the door – we’re not giving up! he shouts.

In NE’s break room, Lily wonders if she’s missing something – is Abby mad at JT? He hit on me, Abby whines. No, JT claims he just wanted to have drinks with an old friend. He’s sorry Abby took it the wrong way. He’s in town indefinitely now that Cane hired him. Lily hopes JT and Mac find their way back to each other. Like you and Cane? JT replies.

Cane’s touched when Charlie comes over to give Sam his favourite old stuffed animal. When are you moving back home? he wonders.

JT and Vikki are in the office discussing Reed driving drunk. JT’s sure he’ll be taught his lesson in court – we can’t give up on him because he screwed up. Vikki wonders how they should punish Reed. No ice cream, JT isn’t taking this as seriously as Vikki – he’d rather discuss this over lunch.

The Abbott’s pressure Mike to come up with something. He admitted to a roomful of people that he had a vendetta against Dina for luring away his stepfather, they remind. That was in the past, Mike feels they need to prove that Graham means Dina harm in the present/future.

At the club, Graham tells Dina to forget this unpleasantness. They’re postponing their trip – he’s taking her to a facility. You’ll be living there too? Dina’s alarmed. Graham will visit so much that it’ll seem so. You’ll make new friends. Have 24-hour care. When Dina gets angry and starts shouting, JT and Vikki come over. I want my little Jackie, Dina cries.

Charlie enjoyed feeding Sam and thinks Lily and Mattie will too. Cane’s not sure where Lily will stand on that – he’s a reminder of how I hurt your Mom. Charlie insists that his Mom’s ready to reconcile but agrees not to pressure her. He then apologizes for disrespecting his Dad when he found out he was having a baby with another woman. Cane’s just glad – and proud of the man Charlie’s becoming.

Scott’s summoned Lauren to CL’s – to ask for 3 million dollars to buy Hashtag. Vikki’s dictating what I write, he complains. Lauren guesses he wants to leave Newman because he wants Abby in his life.