Friday, January 5th

Back at the Abbott’s, Mike’s going to call the Judge and explain the extenuating circumstance and request an expedited court date. Ashley doesn’t think Abby’s offer to call Dina will help – and asks what the fight was about at the club. Sharon’s mad because I stole her man, Abby confesses to her Mom.

Things are initially still a bit awkward when Lily visits Cane at home. Both admit they never stopped loving the other. Does that mean you’ll take me back? Cane asks. He agrees to take things slow. There’s still the issue of Sam. Lily agrees there’s a lot to discuss but has to put it on hold. I have to go away.

Lauren wants the real reason Scott wants to leave Newman. OK, It’s Abby, he admits.

Meanwhile, Abby tells her Mom that she wishes Scott would leave Newman. We had sex in the storage locker, she admits.

Lauren can’t believe Scott cheated on Sharon with Abby.

Abby and Scott tell their versions to Ashley and Lauren respectively. It’s over, they both insist (as their Mother’s doubt that)

Graham tells JT that Dina asked him to take care of her when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Vikki comes over to say that Dina’s calm now – she WILL be calling the Abbott’s to tell them what happened here. If you feel you must, Graham goes to tell Dina that they’ll book a suite here for now (and leads Dina off thanking JT and Vikki again)

Sorry but Lauren doesn’t have 3 million to lend Scott and has to go to a meeting. He was kinda joking anyway – and will stay on at NE, make the best of it and a name for himself.

After getting a call from Vikki, Jack and the Abbott’s are outraged that Graham told Dina that he was taking her on a cruise but instead plans to put her in a home. Mike updates that the Judge will hear their case the day after tomorrow. Traci’s pleased that Jack and Ashley agree to call a truce while they fight Graham.

Still at the club, Vikki asks JT for his take on Graham. He says all the right things but he’s creepy. She agrees and thinks JT one of the good guys (for stepping in) JT wishes Mac felt that way – she’s served him with divorce papers.

Lily wishes she didn’t have to go on this business trip right now – she’d rather work on getting things sorted with Cane. But she also doesn’t want to lose this job. And I don’t want to lose you, Cane says with a kiss. Please don’t go.