Monday, January 8th

Summoned to the Chancellor estate, Reed gets a lecture from his Dad – who then calls Mattie down and leaves the kids to talk (or argue) I was put in jail with low lifes and creeps and will lose my license, Reed blames Mattie for ruining his life. Charlie comes down to say that Reed did this to himself. I was scared, I didn’t want to lose you, Mattie explains. How’d that work out for you? Reed snarls and slams out. Mattie passes JT as she runs upstairs.

At NE, Abby reminds Scott that he can’t sell Hashtag because he doesn’t own it. She’s off to Paris to forget he exists. The bickering continues until Scott walks away. Vikki comes out of her office to ask if everything’s OK. Abby vows that she WILL forget about Scott in Paris.

Forcing enthusiasm, Sharon runs over to the front door where Mariah’s surprised and stammering when Tessa shows up at the ‘I’m fine’ party. Why is she on the guest list? Mariah pulls Sharon aside to ask. Be pleasant to one another, Sharon orders. When Tessa tries to give Mariah a glass of wine, Mariah stomps off. Sharon’s then surprised when Hilary brings Phyllis. Mariah continues to ooze sarcasm until Sharon makes a speech – she’s celebrating ‘moving on and not needing a man’. This is my ‘I’m fantastic’ party. I have my friends, family and job – and Hilary to spread the good news. Phyllis hisses at Hilary – why am I here? Forgiveness, Hilary preaches. With her?! Phyllis glares at Sharon.

Hilary and Tessa are all about making peace. Chelsea points out that they’re a group of women who can’t stand being in the same room as each other. Sharon agrees with Phyllis – this isn’t what she had in mind today. As the bickering starts, Chelsea confirms; Yup – they’re talking about my Nick. Hilary brings up him cheating on Sharon with Phyllis – how’s Summer anyway? The woman put me in a coma! Phyllis reminds – as Hilary smiles.

Lily’s going to the estate to say bye to the kids and reassure Cane that this trip won’t affect their relationship. Maybe you and Scott should have some clarity – it’s exhausting being hurt. Lily’s forgiving Cane for herself too. Abby suddenly needs to be somewhere. Good luck, Lily calls out.

At CL’s, JT updates Vikki that Mattie and Reed are likely over for good. Bringing the subject back to Reed’s DUI charge, Mike lists the repercussions; a fine and license suspension. When Vikki wants to make Reed understand the gravity of the situation, JT remarks that she has no idea who Reed is or how to treat him.

Now alone, Vikki and JT bicker over Reed. She’s taking a hard stance, JT a softer one. He even gives Billy some credit for influencing Reed. Stop playing warden. Vikki claims that she’s Reed’s stability – this laid-back attitude is wrong.

You’ve always been jealous of me, Phyllis snarls at Sharon (who verbally strikes back) Wanting to stay out of it, Chelsea assures that she and Nick are just fine as they argue. Mariah and Tessa then get in on the action. Hilary wants the women to have each other’s backs. If you’re both OK with Nick, be OK with each other. Chelsea scoffs at Hilary being a champion of women – ask Lily about that. Hilary now wants to help other women move forward. Sharon answers the door – Abby! Abby hoped to speak to Sharon privately but Hilary pulls her in. Sharon tells her Abby to go ahead and say what she came to say.