Monday, January 8th

Reed’s stability? You jetted off to Jamaica to marry Billy, JT reminds Vikki that she acted out too. Stop doling out punishment. Vikki sees an anger in Reed she can’t ignore. Keep telling him he’s a bad kid and he’ll stop trying to prove you wrong, JT warns.

Abby apologizes to Sharon – what she did was selfish and wrong. I shouldn’t have slept with Scott. No one deserved that. Hilary encourages Abby to continue – then draws a parallel between Phyllis and Sharon (who thinks she can forgive Abby but there’ll be no hugging it out – and don’t expect an invitation to my next party!)

Lily’s disappointed to find that Cane’s not at the estate – but tells the kids to relay a message – she hopes everything’s OK while she’s gone.

Cane’s at NE. No, he doesn’t want Scott to relay a message to Lily. He got his answer. Split screen of two moping Ashby’s.

My Thoughts: Why does Lily feel like she’s throwing away her last chance to save her marriage? Because Cane’s manipulating her to feel that way. Too bad neither of them thought to call or text the other … OK. Sharon’s face when dialing her phone indicates she’s not at all ‘fine’. She looks manic … How exactly does Hilary plan to make the subject of ‘forgiveness’ sexy? In a room full of women? I didn’t really need a reminder that Chelsea and Phyllis did some swinging on the Jabot jet. If only Hilary knew that … OK, I’m a fan of long-ish hair but Scott needs to lay off the products. His hair is like a big helmet; it does. not. move…. Phyllis acts like she’s surprised to find herself brought to Sharon’s front door. She didn’t realize she and Hilary weren’t going to the main house as soon as they drove past it? And why would Phyllis even be willing to go to the ranch? She hates Victor … Why would Hilary do a show on Sharon Newman being ‘fine’. I’m sure her viewers couldn’t care less and have no idea that her boyfriend cheated on her. Vikki specifically stated that the fight hadn’t been made public … Scott has a lot of nerve trying to sell Hashtag for 3 million. As stated, it doesn’t even belong to him. If it did, he’d still owe Victor 7 million… Vikki thinks she can ‘spin’ Reed’s DUI if it becomes public knowledge? Like there are no other ‘digital platforms’ that would publish it? How exactly would she be able to spin it anyway? It looks like Reed is another jerk in the making. Big surprise… Now that Cane has his ‘answer’ how long before he sets his sights on Bridgette the nanny? If he can beat JT to her.