Thursday, January 18th

At HWG headquarters, Devon’s excited to tell Tessa that she’ll be performing her song live on Hilary’s show today. Tessa’s not ready, you can’t do this to me! Well, Devon’s not really asking. You’ll be phenomenal, he’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

JT heading to the estate to pack, Vikki presses him to define what this is. Are you avoiding giving me an answer? She’d like this to go someplace good – to have something real. Do you feel the same? JT’s silent.

This song has Grammy written all over it, Devon’s brought Tessa to the GC Buzz studio. Also excited, Hilary sends Mariah off to get some details from Tessa. The song’s title? How Could A Lie Feel So True. The inspiration? Survival. Mariah needs more info than the lyrics just ‘came to you’. Tessa can’t think of anything else – she wants the song to speak for itself. As Mariah goes to print the info for Hilary, Tessa discreetly places the journal by her foot.

Cane will bring Sam’s portable crib for the night and have his things sent over tomorrow. Lily’s left to give Mattie a talking to about not closing yourself off to love. One day it will happen to you ~hug~

Devon’s pleased that Hilary’s supportive of Cane and Lily reconciling but hopes he’s not being played. Insisting that she’s sincere, Hilary believes that nothing is more important than Sam’s happiness and wellbeing.

Let’s just go back to being Reed’s parents, Vikki decides then is surprised to hear that JT only hesitated because he didn’t want to scare her off with all his ‘crazy feelings’. He wants this to be more than sex – he wants to be there for Vikki and the kids. It’s time someone gave you a break.

Hilary directs Tessa to her keyboard and mic. I’ll introduce you – sing when the red light goes on – relax. As they chat about lighting, Mariah’s stunned to find her journal in the floor. She’s about to approach Tessa when Hilary barks that it’s time to start the show. Taking their seats, Hilary introduces Tessa. Today is going to be a major turning point in her career, she’s sure.

Eager for Sam to be brought home, the twins run out to go to fetch his stuff from the car when Cane returns. Not excited? Lily.

JT’s put all his cards on the table. Vikki’s hesitant – we broke up so long ago. The reasons why still exist. She did fine without him. If this ends, she’ll be disappointed but not devastated. Also, they both have other kids and Reed to consider. He’s almost an adult, JT points out – and he’s even prepared to tolerate Victor. Finally convinced, Vikki initiates a kiss.