Thursday, January 18th

After some banter with Mariah, Hilary continues with her lengthy introduction of Tessa. After a moments pause, Tessa sings a song that Mariah seems to recognize.

Vikki and JT begin yet another make-out session.

Lily decides she wants to get in on this. Joining the rest of the Ashby’s on the couch, she forces a smile as she takes Sam in her arms.

So, we’re doing this, JT realizes. Yes, we are – Vikki thinks they have a good chance at happiness. Good girl, JT praises and decides he needs to go find a place to live. Your home is here, Vikki gives him a set of keys – move in with me.

Watching on with pride, Devon shares a smile with Hilary. All are astonished when Mariah jumps up and marches over to screech ‘you thieving bitch!!! Those words are mine! Not yours! You stole my journal! I hope you rot in hell for this’!

My Thoughts: It’s ridiculous that Hilary does a live show on an open set. There’d be ringing phones and coughing in the background, anyone could stroll in off the street; fans, salesmen, couriers. Is there even a light to let people know that she’s broadcasting live. Mariah has every reason to be pissed off but yet again she’s made a spectacle of herself on live TV. Is there any doubt now that there’s no future for her and Tessa (who doesn’t deserve her or Noah) Stealing Nikki’s gun was bad enough but now she’s stolen again. She’s a thief. There’s no excuses this time. Maybe Devon can now jar-loose on some of his billions to sign recording artist who deserves his backing. Why wasn’t Noah invited to see Tessa debut ‘her’ new song? I hope someone at least called him to tell him to turn on the TV … I don’t blame Lily for being reluctant to play Mommy to Sam. She wants to accept him, but can’t force herself. Devon’s right, she needs to be honest with Cane – and herself. I hope Cane doesn’t expect her to be the one to get up for 3 am feedings… There’s a big grey area between Vikki and JT sneaking around and announcing their relationship to ‘the world’. Why couldn’t they just be casually ‘seeing’ one another? Dating? They’ve only been together for 5 minutes; half of that fighting, half having steamy sex. Haven’t they both learned that nothing is permanent? And why is she telling JT ‘no horizontal surfaces’? She’s no safer on vertical surfaces (walls) or stairs. Convenient that JT decides he wants a relationship with Vikki AFTER he learns he needs to find a place to live.