Monday, January 22nd

Nick’s at C’s to update Sharon that he’s overseeing Arturo’s crew (repairing and renovating the building they bought) Sharon’s so proud of what Nick and his Mother are doing.

Spotting Chelsea at the bar by herself, Billy wants to call her over. The more the merrier. Phyllis pulls Billy aside to warn that she’s gonna cut him off sex if he invites Chelsea over. Billy joins Chelsea at the bar to update that he’s escaping a double date from hell. Where’s Nick? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Chelsea replies.

Tessa won’t let Mariah leave GC Buzz. I’m so sorry, she weeps. Mariah’s not buying it – you had so many opportunities NOT to do this. Did you think I’d be too embarrassed to say anything? Tessa was so inspired – those could be my words. You think about that kiss? Mariah scoffs – you won’t reciprocate my feelings but you’ll use them to get what you want? I don’t even know who you are. Don’t mess this up for me or Devon, Tessa whines as Mariah exits.

Sharon’s donating Nick’s food order for his workers (which he greatly appreciates) You showed me that I needed to do more, be more, he credits Sharon.

Nick’s a DIY handyman? Billy’ surprised to hear. Chelsea admits it’s a bit of an adjustment to their schedules. Following Hilary to the ladies room, Phyllis pauses to scold Billy (got sit with Ravi – he’s lonely) But first, Billy has some advice for Chelsea – change can be hard. Don’t be pulled out of your comfort zone. Aside, Hilary thinks Ravi sweet, from a stable (intelligent) family. He’s a super nice guy, Phyllis says. He’d be up for late night feedings and diaper changes. But there’s no heat, Hilary points out. Phyllis reminds Hilary of her goal – Ravi’s worth another look.

How involved were you in Jack’s plot to taking down BnS? Billy grills Ravi. Did you plant the flake files etc.? Ravi just does as he’s told – my conscience is clear. Billy’s OK with that – cheers. The ladies return to rejoin them.

My phone died! Reed whines at home. He did his community service yesterday so he could be free to study for a test today. Cut me some slack. Vikki apologizes – we jumped to the wrong conclusion. JT thinks Reed should have text them yesterday. Fine – can you take me back to the ranch now? Reed’s stunned to hear that his parents are ‘playing house’ again. Victor and Nikki arrive.

Oh sweetie – Sharon thinks it might help to talk about it. Well, Mariah sure won’t be writing anything down. She’s not sure what to do next. Mariah doesn’t want to tank Tessa’s career or Devon’s label but doesn’t want her private words out there either. Sharon tells Mariah to stand up for herself. Tessa is not your friend.

As Ravi lists his dating profile, Hilary seems enchanted – she’d definitely ‘swipe right’. After Phyllis and Billy quietly confer about their bet, Billy blabs that Hilary’s looking to have kids asap. Ravi chokes on his drink.

Victor and Nikki announce that they’ll be giving Reed extra chores (for bailing on community service) JT and Vikki have decided that it’s time Reed stay with them; his parents.