Monday, January 22nd

Vikki and JT both feel that living together is the right thing to do. JT’s marriage to Mac was over before he came to GC. He feels at home here. Nikki and Victor are OK with that but what about Reed? JT believes he and Vikki can teach him right from wrong – together.

Back at the club, Phyllis scolds Billy for bringing up the baby issue. Us guys have to stick together – and Billy thinks it best for Hilary to be upfront. Back at the table, Ravi gently tells Hilary that he’s not interested in being a Dad. It’s best we just say goodnight – the right guy’s out there for you, he reassures then leaves.

Mariah’s at the HWG office to show Devon her journal – read this and tell me who’s lying, she challenges.

Nick returns to the penthouse to find Chelsea posing on the stairs in lingerie. She has no trouble picking up where they left off ~kiss~

After JT discreetly takes one of his pills, Vikki comes down to report that Reed’s upstairs; more interested in reading a story to the kids than talking to them. JT’s sure everything will be OK ~hug~

At CL’s, Sharon tells Tessa that Mariah is devastated – she told me EVERYTHING. It was just one kiss, Tessa would never hurt Noah. Sharon would like to believe that but knowing what Tessa’s capable of will try to give her the benefit of the doubt – but she’ll be watching Tessa.

Look at the dates – I wrote this the day before the journal went missing! Mariah makes her case. Devon still believes it could be a coincidence. What if I gave you co-writing credits? he offers. Theft? Plagiarism? Bribery? Is this how you want to run your company? Mariah wants the song trashed. It could be a hit, Devon argues. I’ll sue if you release this, Mariah warns.

Back at the bar, Phyllis apologizes for Billy’s big mouth. Hilary’s OK with it – she doesn’t want a man in her life, she wants a baby – and will find a way to make that happen.

Next: Jack and Ashley’s battle for Jabot gets nasty … Devon makes Hilary an intriguing offer … Nick surprises Chelsea.