Thursday, January 25th

At GCM, JT washes back a pill with water.

Vikki approaches her Mom and brother at their table at the club. Nick’s stunned to hear that JT moved in with her. Mentioning a previous fight, this time she’s annoyed that JT isn’t there to meet her to work out – he either forgot or is blowing me off. Getting a text from Vikki (where are you?) JT sighs and leaves GCM.

You wanted to see me? Tessa’s at HWG to meet Devon. After talking to his lawyers, Devon’s decided not to release the song and is cutting Tessa from the label.

Noah and Mariah talk at Sharon’s. You were hitting on my girlfriend at the music festival, kissed her and wrote about it – and now there’s a song about it!? It didn’t bother you one bit that you made a move on your own brother’s girlfriend (my name’s not even in there!)

At home, Jack asks Ashley for an update on the projects she’s been working on and a list of people she wants working on them. Those are decisions for a blood Abbott, Ashley quips. Traci arrives to excitedly report that Dina recognized everything in Paris; she’s doing well there. Abby’s got lots of support lined up; staff, doctors and specialists. So, what’s been going on here? Oh not much – just that Ashley’s career at Jabot and relationship with Jack are both over.

Nikki and Nick tell Vikki how much they’re enjoying their new project. After Nikki leaves, Nick chides Vikki for living with her ex.

Traci didn’t fly back from Paris to listen to Jack and Ashley attack one another. When Ashley likens Jack to Victor, Jack reminds that she’s the one who forced the issue. You’re tearing this family apart – think about what we all stand to lose! Traci’s in tears.

Tessa pleads for a bit more time to come up with another song. Nope – Devon’s losing money on a song he can’t release and an artist he can’t market. Yes, he read Mariah’s journal – the words are the same. Trust is gone. Music is my life – Tessa can’t lose her dream this way.

Back at Sharon’s, Mariah insists she does feel guilty; for the kiss and for keeping it from Noah. You did the right thing by Devon and made me look like the sucker, Noah rants. Tessa only wanted YOU, Mariah insists she was never a threat. I look like a jerk, Noah snarls. When Sharon comes down, Noah’s further enraged to immediately realize that she knew too.

Jack’s not thrilled when Tony drops by. The arbitration’s over – or are you dating this pirana? Or suing Jabot? No, as Innovator of the year, Ashley’s a hot commodity; everyone wants to work with her now that she’s a free agent. Tony’s setting up meetings for some seed money. Ashley’s starting her own company to compete with Jack. Have a great day, they leave all excited about what’s to come.