Friday, January 26th

At the club’s bar, Hilary’s frustrated when a phone call interrupts her work. But when learning her test results are in, her bad mood evaporates as she grabs her stuff and flies out.

Her first day as Devon’s assistant, Tessa goes overboard in listing what she’s done and what she can do to help HWG. Saying it’ll take time to earn his trust, Devon just wants her to stick to office tasks. Noah then arrives with a huge box; your stuff from what used to be ‘our’ place!

At the club, Phyllis discreetly leaves Ashley to talk to Billy about her ‘next move’. Handing Ashley a Mojito, Billy takes a big gulp himself when hearing she’s mulling over an offer from Victor.

Come look at Sam, Cane runs into the living room. Charlie’s just left. Sorry, but Lily has to go back to Newman and will be working late with Vikki. Order something for you and the kids, she says as she leaves. That leaves Mattie, and when she ‘chooses’ to read Moby Dick over talking to her Dad, a sulky Cane knows where he stands.

Off to do a bridal fitting, Chelsea leaves Nick to paint the bathroom with his own two hands. She’ll be surprised if she doesn’t come home to find him passed out from exhaustion and paint fumes.

Ashley explains the benefits of having Victor’s support and why she has a different relationship with him than Billy does.

As Devon hovers at his desk, Tessa blasts Noah for humiliating her on her first day. When Devon comes over to point out to Noah that Mariah’s the one who should be pissed, Noah wastes no time blabbing that it’s more than the song lyrics – that trip you paid for? Our girlfriends were making out while we were stuck in a mosh pit! Noah then leaves Tessa and Devon in awkward silence.

Nick has his painting wife-beater and his painting music on. It’s time to paint.

Armed with a cookbook and useless small talk, Chelsea finally gets to the point of her visit to CL’s – she feels guilty about what she said to Sharon about Nick (after the perfume bottle broke) Nick’s such a gift to Connor and me, she gushes. Sharon tells Chelsea not to worry about it at all – you were just venting. Still looking unsettled, Chelsea sits on the patio. Seconds later, Hilary plops herself down to boast about her amazing doctor’s appointment. Chelsea has no interest.

Devon ends a call and tells Tessa that he’s going out for a bit. Tessa insists he stay to hear her explain the one kiss she and Mariah shared. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt; especially Devon. I feel awful. OK, thanks, Devon thinks it best to move forward. I’ll be back after my meeting.

Mattie lists all the changes that come along with Sam. It’s an adjustment. And she can’t get over what Cane did (and how it hurt Mom) Cane claims that everything came clear to him on Halloween night; when he thought he’d lost the twins in the fire – he vowed to do whatever it takes to mend this family.

Billy knows Ashley must feel pressured to make a decision but do your research. Leaving Jabot for Newman sure will be a kick in the crotch to Jack. Billy leaves Ashley to call Lily – meet me for a drink? She wants to pick Lily’s brain (which surprised Lily too)