Monday, January 29th

Mariah’s surprised to find Hilary at work so early going over offers to buy GC Buzz; today will signal a whole new era. For you – the rest of us will have to find a job, Mariah sulks off.

Nick and Chelsea try to figure out which past tenant might have hidden the money; Victor? Nikki? No, it’s probably Adam – he installed cameras, built a secret exit. Nick’s not speaking ill of the dead but this money’s likely shady. We have to tell the police.

Seconds after Tessa hides her sleeping bag and unlocks the office door, Devon arrives to ask her to swing by ‘legal’ to pick up a contract; he’s hoping to buy GC Buzz today. Why? Tessa’s alarmed. Devon feels that Hilary’s show has changed direction and is poised for success. He suspects Tessa’s concerned about being in Mariah’s orbit again.

Arriving at NE, Vikki thanks JT for picking her up from the airport and escorting her on the elevator. Making plans for later, she blows JT a kiss – then is NOT happy to find Ashley sitting behind HER desk and even unhappier to hear that Ashley now works at NE.

Ending a call, Nick updates that he’s to take the money to the station to check the serial numbers. Defending Adam, Chelsea’s sure the money’s clean. See you soon, Nick gives her a quick kiss.

Mariah eavesdrops as a potential buyer presents a contract that doubles their initial offer. This will be hard to beat – Hilary will let the woman know by the end of the business day. When Mariah again whines to Hilary about possibly losing her job, Hilary’s sure their show won’t be canned. And now she’s off to make some calls to start a bidding war.

Tessa tells Devon that she’s fine being around Mariah – she’s the one who kissed me. It took me by surprise – it was sweet, beautiful. But the moment’s gone. She’ll never forgive me for using her words in my song.

My Father would never create a bogus position for the competition; Chief Innovative Officer, please, Vikki scoffs. I’m not the competition – Ashley updates that she’s now overseeing BnS. I’ve been creating cosmetics and perfumes since before you started working – it’s a win-win. Ashley’s left smirking when Vikki runs out to speak to Daddy.

Nick drops by CL’s to ask Sharon whether Adam ever mentioned hiding money. No, why? Nick found an insane amount of cash behind the wall in the penthouse. He’ll sit, drink his coffee and wait for the cops to let him know if the money’s safe to spend.

Vikki lets her Dad know that she wasn’t happy to find Ashley behind her desk and in charge of BnS. This is a family company. She was your stepmother; Abby’s Mother, Victor reminds. You will be given other responsibilities. Ashley’s Innovator of the Year – having her here weakens Jabot. But no, it’s not about Jack.

Ordering a coffee to go, JT chats with Sharon about their sons. When JT says he’ll be sticking around, Nick appears to say ‘I hope so’ – since you just moved in with my sister and her kids. JT just wants to be a good Dad to all his kids. Good to see you Nick, JT leaves his former brother in law to share his concerns with Sharon – JT and Vikki are hardly a recipe for success.