Tuesday, January 30th

Chelsea makes it rain (money) on Nick as he lays on the couch. After donating to Rainbow Gardens, Chelsea wants to spend some on her sexy handyman.

Lily comes home to find Cane freaking out about who’ll watch Sam while he attends an important meeting. Go, it’s fine, Lily reassures – just leave the burp cloth. After Cane leaves, Lily looks down at Sam in the bassinet. We’ll be just fine, she assures herself.

Hilary’s in a panic because her dress doesn’t fit. That’s what happens when you make an enemy of the woman providing you free clothes and alterations (Chelsea) Do we even have a show? Yes – and a new owner. Who!? Me, Devon appears – with Tessa.

In Jack’s office, Lauren and Phyllis spell out their plans for a full in-store wifi lounge. Barely hearing a word they’ve said, Jack jumps up and runs out. Lauren worries that Jack’s distraction over Ashley will affect Fenmore’s. We’re his allies – we have to find a way to use that, Phyllis decides.

Ashley’s packing up her old office when Jack comes in to hope that she’s come to her senses. Ashley doesn’t see Victor as the ‘enemy’ – he values me. Turn in your pass – you’re no longer welcome at Jabot, Jack growls as Ashley continues to pack.

On her tablet, Chelsea shows Nick the profile of a contractor who’ll be giving him some lessons. Phase two of her plan for Nick will come later. Plans are delayed when Noah arrives. Chelsea goes upstairs so he can whine.

Mariah wants Hilary to keep the show – why sell it back to Devon? Hilary’s list of reasons aside, Mariah admits she doesn’t want to be around the woman who stole her journal. Hilary thinks a raise ought to fix that. Across the room, Devon also stops Tessa from leaving. And after the contracts are signed, all are invited for champagne at HWG. Tessa and Mariah look at one another.

Jack reminds Ashley that she can’t share company secrets with Newman. Why is she going to the dark side now? Ashley’s excited about the avenues she can pursue. It’s a family company, Jack reminds. Ashley reports to Victor, not Vikki – and she has loyal family at NE (Abby) Hurling her swipe card at Jack, Ashley’s last shot’s a good one; all these years Victor knew about my paternity, he never used it against me.

On her tablet (now outside Jack’s office) Phyllis sees extra money in Ashley’s R&D budget they can ask for. But when Jack returns, he’s in a foul mood. Hilary appears to insist she speak to Jack – now. Much to Lauren and Phyllis’ chagrin, Jack grants her five minutes. Inside the office, Jack’s pissed to hear that Hilary sold GC Buzz. Outside the office, Lauren tells Phyllis that London will be good for Scott; away from Sharon and Abby. Back to Fenmore’s – Phyllis will convince Billy then the rest of the board. We’ll get our money.