Tuesday, January 30th

As Nick spots Victor and Jack chatting at the bar, Ashley arrives at the club to update that it’s true, she’s working at Newman. Nick didn’t see that coming. At least I didn’t hand my trust fund over to Victor, she laughs. Nick’s happier without the money – everyone thinks it a boneheaded move (except Chelsea)

Chelsea’s at the cemetery – looking at a plaque on the wall with Adam’s name on it.

Cane and Lily are now at home to watch an old movie. Is it too early to think we made it through? Cane asks. No, Lily says. As they kiss, Sam cries (but since Bridgette’s still there they resume kissing)

Oh so we’re not saving the universe, we’re watching superheroes – Mariah and Noah are at the theater for a movie (and an awkward mention of Tessa)

When Tessa declines leaving for the day, Devon jokes that she works 24/7. Aside, Devon’s sure Hilary will have everything she wants, including a baby.

Ravi finds Phyllis (with Lauren) measuring Ashley’s old office. He has bad news – there’s a mirror site made to look like the Chelsea 2.0 section of Fenmore’s. They usually sell stolen or cheap knockoffs. Lauren’s outraged. We need to tell Chelsea, Phyllis adds.

Seated at the club, Nick sends Chelsea a text – are you running late? He wants to show off his handyman skills.

Chelsea’s using her handyman skills to unscrew the entire plate off the wall. She puts the money inside the empty cubicle and using a screwdriver, replaces the face plate.

My Thoughts: How exactly does Lauren plan to prevent people from just ‘flopping’ on her couches. They could be charging their devices and posting scathing reviews of her precious brick and mortar store and there’s not much she could do about it… Hilary may not have been smart to make an enemy of Chelsea but she could always just go on air and complain about the shoddily made frocks … How did the elevator get all the way up to the penthouse and Nick and Noah go down on it in the 20 seconds before Chelsea grabbed her cash and ran? I remember the elevator used to open up right into the penthouse (perhaps that was before some fire of explosion and for some reason it was removed) … Why couldn’t a waiter bring the champagne etc up to Devon’s office? Oh right – there is no waitstaff at the GCAC….Why is Phyllis measuring Ashley’s office? Surely Ravi deserves something bigger than the closet he’s in. … Gotta run guys. No time for spellcheck of proofreading. I’m off to the cemetery with my screwdriver set to see what treasures I can find. If I’m not back tomorrow, it went as you might expect…