Wednesday, January 31st

Lily comes out to find that Cane’s copied her idea from years ago; the living room is now Paris. As they reconnect (at the lips) Lily’s phone is ignored as it rings.

Nikki calls Ashley to insist she stay put at the club for a chat. She’ll be there within the hour. What do you want to talk about? Ashley asks – after Nikki hangs up.

JT and Reed start the day butting heads as Reed’s almost late for school. JT’s annoyed that Reed’s eating cookies for breakfast and won’t be blamed because his 16-year-old son can’t remember to set his own alarm.

At the penthouse, Nick serves Chelsea coffee and kisses. Did you put the rest of the money in the bank? It’s stashed away safe and sound, Chelsea’s evasive as she jumps up to answer the door. Enter Phyllis. What’s up? Trouble, she answers.

Mariah’s (hardly) working at the station when Devon calls. No, she doesn’t have to call him Mr Hamilton since they’ve seen each other naked – but she is required to attend a meet ‘n greet he’s putting together at HWG. Stop rolling your eyes and get over here, Devon jokes.

Phyllis updates Chelsea (and Nick) that someone other than Fenmore’s is selling her designs on a mirror site online. Hilary made them aware of the issue when she tried to return a dress (which was definitely an original Chelsea 2.0) Phyllis believes someone in the distribution line is stealing. Fenmore’s is investigating and will prosecute the ‘bad guys’ to the full extent of the law. With a hug, Phyllis leaves.

Dressed like a dapper French waiter, Cane serves Mimosas and accepts Lily’s invitation to take a seat. He’s taken the day off and has more surprises if Lily can too. I’m all yours, Lily takes Cane’s hand.

Reed’s pissed that his parents have moved in together without so much as consulting him – the only ‘family’ he remembers in this house included Billy. Stop pretending this is normal, Reed huffs off to school. Now alone, a frustrated JT leaves a message – you were supposed to check in with me this morning. Hope your trip’s going well but call me asap!

Thanking Cane for a great start to her day, Lily can’t help how she feels – but knows Sam’s an innocent baby. Being here with Cane is perfect. His phone goes off- JT completed his assignment and wants to discuss what’s next. No, he doesn’t want to talk to Billy. Later in the week then – Cane has to go ~click~

At CL’s, JT sends Vikki a text (asking if she got his message) Phyllis comes along to ask if it’s home or work-related. Both – work’s unsatisfactory, he and Reed got into it and he can’t reach Vikki. Phyllis chuckles and offers a friendly ear should he ever need one. We have some common interests.

Devon announces that the only people he’s summoned to the office are Tessa and Mariah – there’s too much tension between you two. He wants them to work this out. After what she did? Mariah scoffs. Devon has a meeting to get to. Fix this, he orders and exits. Mariah’s about to leave too when Tessa asks if she’s afraid to stay – we can’t stay away from each other forever.