Thursday, February 1st

At HWG, Devon’s giving Tessa her assignments for the day when Hilary arrives to ask where her office is so she can unpack her things. What things? Devon’s puzzled. On cue, Mariah arrives juggling Hilary’s boxes of things.

Nikki surprises Reed with a visit to see how he’s doing with his Mom away (and to see how he’s adjusting to his Dad moving in) Are you here to check on me or my Dad? Reed wonders.

At CL’s, JT and Phyllis sit to discuss his investigation. He’s tracked down the company scamming Chelsea 2.0; it’s registered to Alexandra West – that’s about it and it’s not as simple as giving that info to the police.

Chelsea’s in tears and looking conflicted at the penthouse as she stares at a sketch pad and a framed photo of her happy little family.

Back at CL’s, Nick meets with his contractor, Arturo – who gives him an estimate that’s 20% over the original bid. This is a huge problem, Nick’s not happy.

Across the room, Phyllis wonders who Nick’s sitting with – then it’s back to catching their thief. JT will invoice for the time he’s already spent and work for free from now on because he enjoys the challenge. Phyllis advises JT to bond with Reed while Vikki’s away and leaves him to find the booth where his and Colleen’s initials are engraved in a heart.

Reed confides in his grandmother that his Dad’s all over him. Nikki suggests Reed start acting like an adult and reach out to his Dad and maybe take some more music lessons from Tessa – she could use the money and is going through some challenges herself.

At HWG, Devon and Hilary are butting heads over their deal. She wants an executive position – take it or leave it.

Nick and Arturo heatedly debate the cost of creating affordable housing. You’re out of touch with the real world, Arturo has a low opinion of Nick. Nikki appears to send Nick along; she’ll smooth things over with Arturo by buying him lunch. Whatever, Nick huffs out.