Friday, February 2nd

Mariah’s at CL’s to tell Sharon why she thinks Tessa’s homeless. Maybe she showered at the club because she worked out – either way, Sharon won’t let Tessa move back in. Mariah wouldn’t want that either but she does feel sorry for Tessa. Keep your guard up around that woman, Sharon warns.

Vikki’s surprised when JT brings lunch to her office. OK, she can take a break; a short one. JT can’t stay long anyway – Cane doesn’t like him taking a side project for Fenmore’s. Cane expects him to be grateful for being given a boring job. Vikki’s not surprised – Cane’s not a good manager. Come work for me.

Chelsea meets Lauren and Phyllis at Jabot to discuss her summer line. She’s not as excited as the other two when hearing that JT’s following a lead on Alexandra West.

JT’s not sure he wants to mess things up by working for Vikki (and Victor) But yes, he is interested in filling the soon-to-be-open head of security position. Vikki thinks JT’s first assignment will be finding out what Ashley’s up to. After Vikki takes a call from Maurice, she updates that he’s the handsome hotel manager in Paris who’s sending her headphones back. He’s hot but he’s gay, Vikki puts JT out of his misery. He agrees to think about her job offer.

Chelsea’s surprised to find Nick at home. What’s going on? You tell me. Barely pausing for an answer, Nick thinks he knows what’s on Chelsea’s mind. Your expression changed when I mentioned Adam’s name. Agreeing that Adam would like his money being used to build a playground, Chelsea gets a call from Phyllis – JT wants to meet with the three of us asap. I’m on my way, Chelsea says – as Nick expresses hope that they’ve tracked the thief.

Nick joins Mariah and Sharon to put in an order for his work crew. Are there any openings? Sharon doesn’t like where this is going. Hearing Tessa needs a place to stay, Nick disapproves too. Mariah pleads Tessa’s case – she’s lost everything. Cut her some slack. Devon’s giving her a second chance – haven’t you ever needed one of those? Isn’t the point of your project? To help people in need? OK, Nick will rent an apartment to Tessa (only on a month to month basis)

Meeting in Jack’s office, Phyllis and Lauren want to send out this press release. They wonder why Chelsea isn’t onboard. This is grand larceny; the thief needs to be punished. Chelsea worries about copycats; we should let it go and the customers won’t even know we were vulnerable. When JT arrives to say that he found Alexandra West, the only one not excited is Chelsea.

Vikki’s summoned to Ashley to her office to say how much she respects her in her new position – and to boast that she’s offered JT the position of head of security. He’s the best. FYI – I don’t need my boyfriend to protect my job – my name’s on the building. Ashley thought the same about her role at Jabot – don’t assume anything because you’re family.

Reading a sticky note, Tessa looks online at an application for Rainbow Gardens; affordable housing. Mariah arrives to confirm that she spoke to Nick after finding Tessa’s bedroll and duffel bag. Hearing a bit about Nick and his Mother’s project, Tessa’s so grateful. And Mariah’s grateful she won’t have to trip over Tessa if she comes in early one day.