Friday, February 2nd

Back at CL’s, Sharon and Nick remain conflicted over helping Tessa. Chelsea was exposed as a con artist, she reminds and wonders how she’s coping with being the ‘mark’ this time? Nick updates that JT’s working on it.

Alexandria West died a few years ago, JT explains – but her bank account was just closed. The woman who opened the account that the same SSN. JT suggests they ask Paul to review security footage. Chelsea opposes that idea – it’ll be all over the news. She again mentions copycats. This could damage my brand. What do we do? Phyllis asks Lauren.

Now home, Chelsea lies to Nick; she’s all for pursuing the scammer but Lauren doesn’t want to go public – she convinced me it’s best to keep this quiet. It’s not going any further. Nick’s sorry. Disappointing, but I’ll live – oh so sad Chelsea’s given a supportive hug.

When Phyllis comes in, Sharon asks about he fake website she overheard Phyllis talking about. Sharon then blabs that Nick found 250K hidden in the bathroom wall. It all went to Chelsea. Yeah, that’s really good timing, Phyllis is suspicious.

Ashley wasn’t implying that Vikki’s not safe at NE. Of course you’re the future of NE. She laughs at the idea that she’s after Victor’s job. The next generation will also be Newmans. Who are accountable to board members – who might not be in favour of nepotism and want the best person as CEO – whoever that may be. As Ashley strolls out, Vikki slams her door.

My Thoughts: Is it a good idea to work with your ex? Ashley manages to ask Vikki with a straight face. You can’t get a job in GC without working with an ex. Vikki has worked closely with multiple exes; Neil, Mike, of course Billy – so JT would hardly be the first. Plus, has Ashley forgotten that she herself, is now working for an ex? … Ashley’s not at NE to be innovative – she’s there to instigate – and it’s working spectacularly. But Ashley’s in for a surprise if she thinks she’ll have any better luck being CEO of NE than she did Jabot. And if Victor heard her speaking to Vikki like that, she and her yogurt would be tossed out. Vikki’s also making a mistake if she thinks Victor’s going to be cool with her hiring JT as head of security – then assigning him to her pet project of investigating hisVictor’s most recently hired executive … I really wish Chelsea’s character wasn’t being written out this way; reverting her to the greedy grifter she once was. She’ll probably return, possibly with a grown-up Connor. And if we’re really lucky – Adam… Nearing her mid 50’s, Lauren is well preserved but I wish she’d have hiked her neckline up a bit so she wasn’t overflowing…. If the goal of Victor and Nikki reuniting was to restore the Newman name/image and remain scandal free, it’s probably not a good idea for Nikki to blatantly parade a succession of much younger lovers through the stodgy country club who’s patrons still (for reasons unknown) considers them GC’s ‘elite’ and I’m guessing discretion was part of the agreement … While everyone’s contemplating the fate of poor Tessa, no one even mentioned that her teen prostitute/murdering sister Crystal is still somewhere out there. Perhaps she could use some affordable housing!