Tuesday, February 6th

Hilary and Phyllis team up in Jordan – has Chelsea pulled stunts like this before? Start talking. Jordan admits that Chelsea once stole SSN’s but she’s wealthy now and living with a Newman – why would she risk all that? Hilary and Phyllis are left with no answer to that as Jordan walks off to make a call.

Almost ready to leave, Chelsea gets a text from Jordan – need to see you ASAP. Chelsea can’t – she’s busy. Told that Jordan was just grilled by Phyllis, Chelsea tells him to meet her CL’s (then tells Nick she’s going for some desserts to take to Vikki’s)

Back at the club, Phyllis is even more suspicious now that he knows that Chelsea stole SSN’s in the past. She vows to Hilary that she won’t stop until she proves that she’s right.

Vikki comes home venting about her Father and Ashley. JT has a surprise; we’re hosting our first dinner party tonight. Vikki folds a blanket as she complains about having no notice. But when JT reminds that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary, Vikki agrees it’s worth celebrating ~kiss~

On the CL’s patio, Jordan updates Chelsea that he was ambushed by Hilary and Phyllis. He recognizes the name Alexandra West – are they telling the truth? As Nick comes out, Chelsea jumps up to flip out – Phyllis lured Jordan back to town to interrogate him. Stay away from Chelsea, Nick warns Jordan (as Chelsea follows him inside)

Lily appreciates that Nikki will speak to Victor (who both are sure has good intentions)

Ashley’s surprised to come home and find a bunch of framed family photos, bottles of perfumes and certificates on the mantel. What’s all this? A long overdue apology, Jack says.

JT wonders why Vikki’s dressed so sexy for dinner with friends, family, and her ex-husband. Jealous? Vikki teases of things to come later. As soon as Nick and Chelsea arrive they update JT that Phyllis is accusing Chelsea of scamming her own company. JT wishes he knew this before …. On cue, Phyllis barges in with Billy. Who’s ready for some champagne?? she bellows. After an awkward moment, it’s decided to eat – the sooner the better.

Lily’s unpleasantly surprised to bump into Jordan at the club. How could you post nude photos of Hilary online? I’m back with Cane, she announces (in case he has any ideas) When Jordan mentions her raising Juliet’s baby, Hilary appears to defend Lily’s decision – a woman has a right to decide what kind of family she wants without judgment. After Lily leaves, Jordan’s wonders when she and Hilary became friends. Drink? Hilary’s not drinking – she might be pregnant by a smart, handsome donour with a great career. Jordan laughs – you don’t really believe that, do you?

Nick and Chelsea thank Vikki and JT for dinner as all file into the living room to chat about how wonderful it is that JT and Vikki are back together. You just never know when a chapter of your life will be reopened. Phyllis makes a crack about revisiting the past – don’t you agree? And some people insist on bringing up the same thing over and over, Chelsea blasts Phyllis for dragging Jordan into town. You nasty … The women face to face, Billy requests we not do this – my children are upstairs.

When Chelsea threatens to pull her line from Fenmore’s, Phyllis doubts Lauren wants to do business with someone who robbed her. She then tells Nick to open his eyes – she’s lying. After Nick and Chelsea leave, Phyllis and Vikki go to fetch coats. Billy quietly suggests JT announce the guest list next time.

Victor joins Nikki at Top of the Tower to say that she’s been very busy with her and Nick’s project. She invited Victor to dinner to pass on Lily’s concerns regarding Vikki and Ashley. Maybe Victor should rethink hiring Ashley.