Tuesday, February 6th

Ashley and Jack go over the items on the mantel. A bottle of Jabot JR – when Dad first brought Ashley onboard. You were a natural, Jack again apologizes and sings Ashley’s praises. All these potions remind him that she always strives to create something better. Jack regrets the way things turned out. They didn’t just ‘turn out’, Ashley points out. Jack agrees – he’s so sorry. We’re family, he holds up a framed photo of them as kids – come back to Jabot, he pleads. Ashley’s happy at NE and there’s nothing Jack can offer to change her mind. When he offers to remove the blood-only clause, Ashley bursts into tears.

A furious Hilary follows Jordan to the coatcheck room to insist that the site she chose her donour from is very reputable. Sure it is, Jordan scoffs – The site I used to donate to listed me as a brain surgeon with an Ivy League education. You’re just trying to mess with my head! Hilary researched the facility thoroughly. Jordan leaves with a parting shot; you don’t know whose swimmers you’ve got.

Jack continues; we’ve lost our Father, are losing our Mother – come back to Jabot where you belong. Ashley recognizes the brother Jack once was to her and is happy he’s removing the blood-only clause – for Abby’s sake (in case she moves to Jabot) It’s too late for me, Ashley can forgive Jack but she can’t trust him. My future lies elsewhere.

Victor sees no reason to remove Ashley; Vikki does better with someone nipping at her heels. Nikki assumes that Victor’s grooming her to be CEO and when he doesn’t confirm that she can’t believe he’s serious about Vikki having to compete with Ashley for the job.

Over wine, Vikki and JT decide that nothing can shake them – even him working for Victor again. Yes, he’s accepting the position at NE. Happy almost anniversary ~hug~

At Top of the Tower, Phyllis vents to Billy about Chelsea. You ARE on my side right? She’s my friend – Billy doesn’t want to believe it. But yes, he’s always on Phyllis’ side 100%. I trust your instincts. Billy will even help if he can. Phyllis is relieved and moved to tears.

At the penthouse, Nick just can’t believe Phyllis’ nerve – let’s have a fire and shut the rest of the world out. Sounds perfect, Chelsea says (then gets an alarming text from an unknown number – ‘you won’t get away with it’)

Next: Sharon offers Nick sound advice … JT pursues a new opportunity …. Cane romances Lily (that all sounds extremely been-there-done-that)

My Thoughts: If Chelsea needs a break from all things Phyllis, maybe she should stop letting her into her home and whining about her. And yes, I still wonder why there’s no concierge in the front lobby or buzzer on the door (which even low income housing has) But no, not even a peep hole in the door. But remember, for some odd reason, there ARE cameras in the hallway…. Vikki was awfully dressed up for a night of dining in. When does JT find time to do his job at CI (whatever that is) Does Victor even know JT’s been offered the head of security job? … How does Billy know his kids are upstairs sleeping? Neither of them have made a peep. Were they put to bed without dinner? Didn’t he even want to go up and give them a kiss goodnight? .. There’s no reason Ashley and Jack can’t be loving siblings while she works elsewhere. Given their history, it might even be for the best. It’s a bit presumptuous for Abby to think Abby might one day be named CEO of Jabot – especially since she’s been at NE for eons… It IS ridiculous to think that Victor would hand the reigns over to an Abbott before the daughter who’s been most loyal to him…. Geez Lily – first she plays doormat for Vikki and Ashley (is she being paid to do two jobs?) and then she assumes that Jordan came back to GC for her? Go home to your Brady Bunch house… Phyllis is certainly doing a lot on Lauren’s behalf – scheduling fake job interviews, telling Chelsea that Lauren won’t want to do business with her.