Wednesday, February 7th

Vikki, Ashley and Lily have a fairly productive meeting about promoting BnS until the COO and CIO butt heads once again. When Ashley leaves, Vikki asks Lily to stay to be the first to hear about a new feature she’s testing – employees are to provide constructive feedback on their fellow employees online. Lily’s happy to provide input.

Chelsea pokes her head inside CL’s to make sure the coast is clear before entering and is startled to find Sharon on the patio. Sharon relays that Nick’s worried about her. He should be worried about Phyllis, Chelsea tells Sharon that she’s accusing her of scamming her own company. She’s trying to poison Nick against me. Sharon knows what it’s like to try to prove your innocence against false accusation. Chelsea feels lucky that she doesn’t need to prove anything to Nick. Sharon nods but knows otherwise.

At Jabot, Billy updates Phyllis on how JT knocked the pompous Cane down – how can this day get any better? Phyllis thinks it can – Chelsea’s getting threatening texts. She’s way too rattled to be innocent.

Serving Chelsea coffee, Sharon’s asked to sit. Sharon knows what Phyllis is like but what’s in this for her? Chelsea has only one guess – maybe she wants Nick back. Reminded that she recently compared Adam to Nick, Chelsea again asks Sharon to forget that conversation. Who cares what people say? Sharon encourages – you’re not hiding anything so you have Nick’s full support.

Devon’s at NE on PR business; to get some photos of Ashley (who mentions how much she likes Lily and is sure she’ll do well) The photographer’s here – are you ready to cement your place at NE? Devon asks.

Outside Jack’s office, Billy’s on the phone with Cane, his nose growing as he agrees that JT was in the wrong and not correcting Cane’s assumption that he’s holding down the fort at CI so Cane can spend the evening with Lily. Hanging up, Billy figures he should go put in a couple of hours at CI then meet Phyllis later. Concerned about what Chelsea might be involved in, Billy wants Phyllis to keep her sexy nose out of it.

Chelsea comes home to give Nick a huge hug. Yes, she’s OK – terrific – home for a dose of unconditional love. As Chelsea gushes over Christian, a phone going off rattles her. It’s mine, Nick needs to go take care of some business but will meet Chelsea at the club later for dinner. After Nick leaves, Chelsea tells an oblivious Christian that everything she’s doing is for him and Connor. I need to be prepared in case Victor exposes who your real Daddy is. She then gets another troubling text – ‘it will all be over soon’.

Devon praises Ashley as the photographer snaps shots. Show us how you plan to shake things up around here. How about this? Ashley tosses Vikki’s desk name-plate aside and poses all over the office. Vikki then arrives to have the videographer record her ‘exciting’ announcement; JT’s return to NE. JT then comes in to applause. All but forgotten, Ashley forces a smile as she claps on the sidelines.