Wednesday, February 7th

The office now crowded, Lily congratulates JT on his new job – cheers. When Vikki again asks all to raise a glass to JT, Ashley also toasts JT and asks for a photo with her fellow ‘new face. As JT brings Vikki into the photo op, Lily quietly gripes to Devon about being caught in the crossfire.

Cane comes home in a hurry to get to the kitchen with some bags.

Passing the breakroom, Lily overhears Ashley asking Devon not to publish any photos that include Vikki. He’ll do that but has to ask what her strategy is in challenging Vikki. Victor brought me on – he expects my A game, Ashley smiles. Knowing Victor likes pulling peoples’ strings, Devon would hate to see him making Ashley dance.

Still in the breakroom, Ashley and Devon agree that Vikki won’t like that no photos of her and JT are being published. Ashley’s been a rival and an insider for decades; she knows the industry, the Newman family – and their weaknesses.

Now alone in the office, JT has Vikki close her eyes to present her with a small red box. It’s an ‘exquisite’ infinity necklace to celebrate their anniversary. Putting the necklace around Vikki’s neck, JT figures he’s been given enough gifts. Vikki makes it clear that she will rise to the challenge Ashley presents.

Lily comes home to find that Cane’s set the table with candles and wine. Let’s renew our vows on Valentine’s Day (a special day for us) he suggests. Lily agrees ~kiss~

Phyllis meets Billy at the club’s bar. Yes, she behaved herself by staying away from Chelsea – but don’t worry; I can whip her ass ~kiss~ Seated across the room, Nick waits impatiently (presumably for Chelsea)

At the cemetery, Chelsea sniffs a fresh flower adorning Adam’s plaque. As she pulls out her screwdriver, she spins around when hearing a noise. Oh my God! she gasps.

Next: Phyllis corners Nick …. Victor gives a family member some tough love .. Chelsea receives an ominous message.