Friday, February 9th

In Vikki’s office, JT’s sorry. Sorry that you snapped at me or that you didn’t tell me you were going to see Traci? Vikki would have understood both; the problem is you kept it from me. She’s not speaking as JT’s boss but as the woman he lives with. Yes, maybe she is a little insecure. She remembers how the last few months of Colleen’s life affected their marriage.

Jack apologizes to Traci and lists all the things he did to try make things right with Ashley. Even removing the blood-only clause wasn’t enough to bring her back. Sorry, it wasn’t enough.

JT wants Vikki to forget all that. She can’t until they talk about this emotional day for JT. Vikki recalls their argument because Victor wanted to kick Colleen off the NE board. Victor brought Patty Williams back to town – Colleen died trying to escape that crazy bitch, JT remembers. It ended their marriage but that’s history. But history repeats itself and Vikki points out that she’s still loyal to NE and her Father. She needs to be sure that JT’s committed to her. That I won’t run back to Mac at the first sign of trouble? You’re just picking a fight, JT complains.

Seated at the club, Phyllis isn’t happy that Lauren agreed to Victor’s terms. Fenmore’s needs the money, especially now that Jack’s paid so much to hire Helen, Lauren reasons. Plus, she won’t cross the powerful friend who’s saved her yet again. That’s fine but Phyllis has no intention of letting it go. Victor’s involvement just confirms her theory.

At the penthouse, Chelsea greets Nick enthusiastically and lists a bunch of options they can do tonight; her thanks to Nick. Detecting that he’s still upset she sees only one way to make this right.

Traci asks Jack not to give up on Ashley. If he can make up with Billy, he can do the same with Ashley. In time she’ll accept Jack’s apology and come back to Jabot – as long as she knows the door’s open. It’s not – after Ashley moved on to the enemy Jack had to replay her. It’s a new era for Jabot and for me.

JT suggests Vikki’s looking for a way out. Everyone’s so quick to accuse HIM of being on the rebound but maybe Vikki’s in the rebound and wishing she was with the love of her life, Billy (after he chose Phyllis) No, we were over a long time ago, Vikki only wants JT – she wants it to work out so badly. Me too, JT admits – it’d kill me if you left me. That will never happen, Vikki promises with a hug.

Chelsea seems desperate to show Nick how much he and the kids mean to her. She won’t let Phyllis put a wall between them. Ask me anything; the cemetery, the scam – I have no secrets; just admiration and love, for you. Nick knows everything he needs to know. Good, now let’s go out on a date, Chelsea pauses to look troubled as Nick goes for the coats, Chelsea pauses a moment before following.

If this is true, how could Chelsea do this to us? Lauren’s stunned. Phyllis knows that Lauren doesn’t want to believe this any more than Nick does but she won’t let Nick be played like this. It would be terrible, Lauren agrees Nick deserves more. She can’t pursue this but Phyllis will. And once she has proof, Nick will be done with Chelsea.