Friday, February 9th

Chelsea claims that she was embarrassed – she went to the cemetery to see if she felt Adam’s presence – looking for answers as to why he hid all that money in the wall. She was afraid she’d hurt Nick’s feelings. No, she doesn’t think him insecure, she thinks him ‘precious’. Chelsea’s now resolved to move forward, no looking back ~hug~

Traci feels blessed to have had such an incredible daughter, however short the time. As they reminisce, JT gets a call from Vikki. Traci in making tea, JT makes it quick. No, he won’t ask Traci about Ashley’s plans. It’s Colleen’s birthday ~click~ Hello? JT? Vikki sighs.

Traci returns with tea and praise for JT; you rescued Colleen. She thought you were a hero – Traci does too. Both wish Colleen were here right now. She would want you to have the best life, Traci sniffles. How does she ‘do it’? Effort, ever single day. Traci must live life for Colleen. JT hopes someone takes care of Traci the way she does everyone else. If you ever need anything … With a hug, JT leaves – and Jack hurries to make a beeline to the desk. Why would JT be visiting? Oh Traci, I forgot, Jack suddenly remembers ~hug~

Vikki thanks Nick for meeting her at the club. Briefly mentioning the dinner party the other night, Vikki confides in Nick that JT went to visit Traci without even telling her that its Colleen’s birthday. Healthy relationships don’t include secrets, right?

Victor invited Lauren to his office to right a wrong. He doesn’t like that someone scammed Fenmore’s with a phony website. Did you find anything? Lauren’s stunned to open a briefcase full of cash. Who did it? Victor’s one condition of returning the money is that Lauren doesn’t ask questions.

Vikki’s not jealous of Colleen. Her first love died young too (Ryan) Nick likens that to Chelsea losing Adam suddenly. She lied about going to the cemetery last night. Maybe JT didn’t want you to feel threatened. Vikki would have preferred honesty; as a sign of mutual trust – you ever get the feeling there’s more going on with someone than they admit? Vikki’s off to get the truth, even if it’s something she doesn’t want to hear.

Have other stores been hit or was Fenmore’s targeted? Lauren’s frustrated that Victor meant what he said – no questions. The guilty person will never try this again, is all he’ll say. Taking the case, Lauren agrees – the matter is closed. Yes, and thank you.

Pouring a drink, Jack reminisces with Traci about Colleen coming to stay with her grandfather (from New York) She grew into a beautiful, wild young lady. Segueing into talk of Dina coming home, Traci mentions the tension within the family. Jack gets all uppity – it’s not all his fault. My days of being a scapegoat are over!