Thursday, February 15th

Taking a seat beside Noah, Sharon assures him that Mariah is really home sick. Not avoiding her brother, she asked Sharon to text her news of the big announcement. Nick and Chelsea arrive to hear that Vikki’s stuck in a meeting; JT’s babysitting. All attending guests seated, Victor suggests Noah make his announcement.

Back at the office, Devon and Charlie are discussing Simone’s great recording session when Lily arrives to say that Charlie’s late for hockey practice. Charlie would rather not go but is convinced by Devon not to bail on his team – it won’t serve you well in the future, be responsible. Thank you, Lily whispers as she follows Charlie out.

Going over recent events affecting his business and professional life Noah claims that his Grandpa made him realize that he needs to make things happen. First step is finding a job that challenges him. That’s why he’s taking a position in NE, Mumbai. Sharon and Nick are horrified that Noah’s leaving GC for India. Noah won’t be behind a desk this time – he’ll be in the field. Nick hopes his Dad made the offer in good faith. Victor did – he’s proud of Noah’s decision.

Monique the babysitter tells Phyllis and Billy that Chelsea’s with Nick at Top of the Tower (then runs up to tend to a crying Christian) Left to show themselves out, Phyllis leads the way. Where? To crash the Newman party of course.

Victor prods Nikki to make a toast to Noah. OK, but next time, she’d like a heads up if a family member is leaving the country. As Nikki begins her toast, Sharon gasps – OMG! Are you two…? Yes, we’re engaged, Nick informs that Chelsea popped the question. Noah’s thrilled, Nikki, pleased. The other news? No, Chelsea’s not pregnant – she and Nick are adopting each others kids; they’ll legally be brothers.

A gentleman named Byron charms Hilary at the club’s bar. She thinks he looks familiar. Could we know each other from Stanford? he wonders. Nope. Both have spent time in Evanston (where Byron does stand up comedy as a hobby) Have you ever made a donation? Hilary asks – a sperm donation. Yes – and if Hilary’s in the market, Byron boasts that his DNA is off the hook. Uh oh – Hilary did more than ‘window shopping’.

So, you proposed to Nick, Sharon reminds Chelsea that she was all about Adam last week. The other day, you were at his memorial plaque. Chelsea went to say goodbye to Adam and will spend the rest of her life with Nick. Be happy for us and keep your opinions to yourself. Next, it’s Victor’s turn to grill Chelsea on her motives for marrying Nick. Chelsea’s about to get her happily ever after with Nick and there’s nothing you can do about it. We’ll see, Victor mumbles as he leaves. Chelsea then tells Nick that she wants to get married now. What are THEY doing here? she meets Phyllis frosty glare.

Byron’s college record for the 100-yard dash remains unbroken. His profile is 100% legit – you hit the genetic jackpot! When are you due? Byron takes Hilary’s hand – the universe wants us to procreate. He can’t think of a more appropriate vessel to carry his offspring. Let’s go upstairs. Told to hit the road, Byron shrugs and exits – your loss. Devon comes over to ask if Hilary’s alright. No – I could be pregnant by that guy! she facepalms. What if my kid turns out to be like him?! Devon didn’t become arrogant like his Dad or a drug addict like his Mom – behavior is taught not inherited.

When Chelsea excuses herself, Phyllis will give Billy 5 minutes with her first. He catches up with Chelsea to say that if she pulled the phony website scam, he’s sure she had a good reason. Spotting the ring, Billy hears that Chelsea and Nick are engaged. He has no doubts about me and you shouldn’t either. Billy returns to update Phyllis; Chelsea and Nick are engaged – let this vendetta go. Like hell, Phyllis refuses.