Friday, February 16th

On the elevator, Chelsea insists she’s not lying – Adam Fathered Christian. Phyllis will have Nick do a test to prove her wrong. Then YOU will be the one to break his heart, Chelsea snarls. The elevator doors open to reveal Nick and Billy – where have you two been??

As Devon pulls the flashdrive out, Hilary enters the office blathering about how pleasant Lily was earlier. She inspired an idea for a new segment on the Hilary Hour; renewing vows for an estranged couple who got a second chance. You’ll have a hard time beating Cane and Lily, Devon knows the obstacles in their way were vicious.

Chelsea warns Phyllis that her accusations and lies can be dangerous. When are you going to let this go? Nick hisses at Phyllis before getting on the elevator with Chelsea. Aren’t you the life of the party? Billy quips to his girlfriend.

As the sun comes up in GC, Devon wastes no time delivering the flashdrive to Lily; it’s video of Hilary talking to Juliet. Call if you need to talk, he leaves Cane and Lily looking shocked.

At CL’s, Sharon whines about her son flying off to Mumbai. Nick can’t believe Noah’s gone 12 hours after making his announcement. Sharon points out that Nick’s rushing into marriage – would it even be on the table if Chelsea didn’t push it?

Back at the club, Hilary asks Chelsea to confess on her show. There’s nothing to confess – call Phyllis; she’ll tell you she’s been off base, Chelsea grins smugly.

Phyllis didn’t get any sleep last night due to Chelsea’s lie about Christian being Adam’s son. NICK is his Father, she has no doubt. Phyllis has no intention of keeping this quite. First, she’ll cover her bases – then she’ll pounce.

Sharon shows Nick photos of their wedding (which should include friends and family) Don’t elope. Yes, perhaps Chelsea is fast-tracking marriage so Nick can’t testify against her. Does Nick really not hear alarm bells? Nick can’t believe Sharon believes Phyllis. Sharon asks Nick to slow down – you know I’m right.

Jack arrives at the club to spot Chelsea’s ring. Phyllis must be wrong, Hilary’s cut off. After Chelsea leaves, Jack hopes to get answers from Hilary (who steps aside to take a call from the clinic – I’m not pregnant; the IUI didn’t take, she confides)