Thursday, February 15th

Sharon wonders what other surprises she’ll get tonight. Nick hadn’t expected to announce his engagement. Reminded that he and Chelsea had some trust issues recently, Nick accepts Sharon’s apology for telling her that he met Phyllis the other day. Nick has many reasons to marry Chelsea. Yes, he was surprised when she proposed but it’s the next natural step.

Chelsea’s desperate to get her claws into Nick because she’s guilty, Phyllis worries that he could be named an accessory next time she breaks the law. Billy had his chance, now HER turn to have a go at Chelsea. Crossing the room, she confronts Chelsea with her proof; the serial numbers match the money YOU hid – YOU made the website – YOU bilked Lauren and will go to prison for a long time! Go show Nick or the police your ‘proof’, Chelsea calls her bluff. Phyllis will drop it if Chelsea gives Nick the ring back and ends their relationship.

Billy accosts Victor before he can approach the ladies to ask whether hiring Ashley is a plan to take down the Abbott family.

Phyllis wonders why Chelsea taking this opportunity to stay out of prison. She won’t break Nick’s heart. OK, then Phyllis will. Chelsea stops her – you say one word to Nick and he’ll be destroyed. I’m not talking about myself. What he’ll lose you can’t begin to fathom.

Still at the bar, Devon tells Hilary that Simone’s song has been uploaded – how about dessert and a listening party? When she declines, Devon says he’ll be in his office if she changes her mind. Lily arrives to ask Hilary if Charlie’s taking on too much. He’s the only intern I can count on, be proud of him, Hilary says (then is left to smile when Lily admits her show isn’t ‘unwatchable’)

At the desk where Charlie was going through flashdrives earlier, Devon’s surprised to hear a recording of Hilary confronting Juliet (encouraging her to go after Cane for harassment)

Sharon and Nick give Noah advice and warnings (they clearly don’t want him to go to Mumbai) Noah’s OK with Nick’s decision not to rebuild and expand Underground. He’s now taking his life in a different direction. His Mom demanding daily emails, Noah points out that he’ll be back for his Dad’s wedding (which Nick then informs Chelsea wants to happen right away)

You finally finished with your drivel? Victor deadpans. Nikki hopes Billy’s not harassing her husband – take it up with Ashley (who came to NE of her own free will) She can take care of herself, Victor asks Billy – where’s YOUR date – what’s SHE up to??

On the elevator, Chelsea tells Phyllis the secret that will decimate Nick if it comes out; Nick’s not Christian’s Father, Adam is! If you continue this crusade against me it’ll come out – and Nick’s heartbreak will be on YOU.