Friday, February 16th

Nick will be fine, Phyllis is sure he’ll move on – he doesn’t love Chelsea. Billy then points out that Nick believes Christian’s his son. It’ll tear his world apart if that’s not true. Let Nick be, he implores of Phyllis.

Lily knew Cane didn’t harass Juliet – but to hear Hilary say it. Cane thinks it sad that this is the only video of Juliet Sam may ever see. Lily reminds why Devon gave us this – to prove that Juliet lied and Hilary knew from the very beginning.

Now in Jack’s office, he rambles on about business as Hilary is overcome with emotion. I was delusional; convinced myself I was pregnant by sheer will. I’ve had to fight for everything – why would this be different? It’s not fair that some people get pregnant accidentally. Maybe this was for the best (after meeting Byron) Maybe she needs to get pregnant by a friend; someone she trusts. Who fits the bill? Jack asks.

Billy opts for leaving Nick in blissful ignorance (but it’s Phyllis he’s worried about) Phyllis can’t risk Chelsea hurting Nick – she needs to be stopped! Damn right, Phyllis will be the one to do it – with the help of the only other person who can help. It’s time to assemble the troops, she exits the apartment.

At home still, Lily can’t believe she was civil to Hilary; even complimented her on the show. Cane can’t believe he was fooled too – Hilary tried to trash my life. She never fails to disappoint, Lily grabs her purse as both march out.

In Jack’s office, Hilary lists the traits she’s looking for; ambition, handsome etc. Yes, like Devon – he has purpose. Jack wonders if it’s someone like Devon she’s looking for, why not Devon? No, it’s too late – he’s dating some singer, Hilary’s told to approach Devon and see where it goes.

Nick comes home to see that Chelsea’s constructed a presentation of places they can elope to. Nick suggests GC – in July.

When Devon returns to his office, Hilary’s waiting with champagne. She’s raising a glass to not being pregnant and admits that she’s not over Devon (and believes he’s not over her either) I think about you all the time, Hilary believes they have a future. We’re finally ready to try again. Devon rejects the drink – he’s not thirsty. Lily arrives with Cane to toss the flashdrive at Hilary – you lost something.

Packing her display away, Chelsea’s not happy – we agreed to elope. Nick wants to include Faith, Summer, and Noah. Chelsea wants their wedding to be spontaneous and exciting. But why so fast? Nick wonders.

Phyllis is at CL’s to enlist Sharon. We must work together to save Nick. You’ll be begging to help when you hear what Chelsea’s done now, Phyllis is sure.