Friday, February 16th

The Ashby’s confront Hilary for pushing Juliet into accusing Cane of sexual harassment. Hilary thinks it ancient history and irrelevant (since they reunited) We’ve all grown and changed; you’re raising Sam. Hilary’s upset when Cane and Lily say she won’t be able to see Sam again. Giving Devon some attitude for continuing to be involved with Hilary, Lily leaves with Cane.

Why the rush? Chelsea hands Nick a folder of paperwork it’ll take for them to adopt each other’s kids (unless they marry) Nick’s familiar with the adoption process and assures that Victor won’t raise Connor if something happens to her. Chelsea now wonders if Nick wants to marry her. Nick does but doesn’t want to rush it. Chelsea has a compromise.

On the patio, Phyllis updates Sharon on what transpired between her and Chelsea last night. She claims that Adam is Christian’s Father, not Nick. It’s a lie to shut me down. Sharon wonders if it could be true. Phyllis wants Sharon to dig up Sully’s medical records (to prove that Chelsea’s a liar)

Now home, Cane’s sorry his past keeps coming back. Lily’s fixated on Hilary – she’ll never change ~hug~

After Devon calls for his car to pick him up out front, Hilary again tries to coerce him. Devon can see that Hilary hasn’t changed – you have a lot of work to do on yourself before you become a Mother. He asks Hilary to be gone by the time he gets back. I don’t want to look at you, Devon says as he leaves.

Chelsea’s compromise is to start the adoption process and tell the boys. Nick can’t wait to see Christian’s face when he’s told he can call Chelsea ‘Mom’.

Back on the patio, Phyllis and Sharon continue their discussion. Phyllis is sure that Chelsea’s lying about Christian’s paternity; help me protect Nick. There must be a DNA test that proves Sully was Christian, Phyllis finally convinces Sharon to help her.