Monday, February 19th

Vikki finds JT with his feet propped up on her desk – what if someone else walked in? Like my Father? she chides. Initially saying she’s too busy, Vikki agrees to meet JT upstairs for a quick lunch. She’s all yours, JT leaves as Lily arrives – with some news that might spoil Vikki’s day.

Phyllis joins Sharon (who’s all in a dither at the coffee house) She hid in the bathroom when Nick came to pick Faith up – I couldn’t even face him! Not caring that Sharon’s conflicted, Phyllis just wants to know if she got Sully’s records or not.

Surprised to bump into JT at CL’s, Kevin’s even more surprised to hear that ‘off the record’, he came to town to investigate Victor for possible embezzlement.

Mariah’s confused to find Phyllis and Sharon buddying up behind the CL’s counter. Why would Fenmore’s want CL’s to cater a party for them? You guys can’t stand my Mom. Phyllis puts her arm around Sharon – we have a lot in common. Plus, Penny in accounting is cray-cray for the CL’s muffins. After Mariah moves along, Sharon doesn’t see how Sully’s DNA records will help. When Paul arrives, Phyllis’ claims their answer just walked in the door.

Seated on the patio, Kevin scoffs at the idea that gazillionaire Victor would embezzle. Is he going to prison? No – the investigation’s over, JT then praises Kevin for going from ex-con to a job as head of IT at the GCPD (a position Kevin thinks JT would be well suited for) When Mariah arrives to hug Kevin, JT leaves them to chat about her love life (or lack thereof)

As Sharon packs Paul’s on-the-house goodies, Phyllis asks him how DNA works (specifically how they matched Adam’s ID without much of a body) Paul leaves them with confirmation that Adam’s DNA is on file – but how to access it? Well, it just so happens that Kevin’s on the patio. Except he’s not by the time Sharon and Phyllis race out there. Mariah reports that Kevin went to pick Gloria up at Jabot (and is again baffled when Phyllis bolts and her Mom’s acting weird)

Back at the station, Paul scolds JT for being out of touch. You knew this was risky when you signed on. JT points out that he’s right where Paul wants him – undercover with the Newmans.

Vikki is indeed pissed upon hearing Lily’s news; Hilary had proof, on video, that Juliet’s claims of harassment against Cane were a lie. Even worse, Lily adds – Hilary encouraged Juliet to file the lawsuit. When Vikki lists everything that would have changed (she wouldn’t have paid Juliet off, her and BnS’s reputation wouldn’t have been sunk etc.) Lily politely reminds that Hilary cost the Ashby’s a lot too.

Though JT feels he’s in the best spot to get the dirt on Victor, Paul finds it hard to believe he hasn’t found anything on Victor yet – I thought we could nail him this time. Flashback to the William’s confronting JT at the club the night he was to fly out of GC. They knew Nikki was stealing from Victor – why did JT cover it up? As a favour to Nikki, JT can’t believe they really want to put her in prison. JT was then asked to embark upon a secret mission; to go undercover. Spy on Vikki and her family? Why the hell would I do that? JT had balked. Payback, Chris answers simply. Here and now, JT is in Paul’s office asking that he trust him; he knows what the ‘endgame’ is.