Monday, February 19th

Hold the elevator! Phyllis shouts as she careens towards Kevin at NE. Yes, she is following him. Stopping the elevator, Phyllis offers Kevin a job doing what he does best; hacking.

Lily’s surprised when Cane appears at NE on urgent business. He’s here to invite his gorgeous wife out to lunch. Oh, how much in love Cane is. The luckiest man in the whole world will never take his wife for granted again ~kiss~

No amount of money will entice Kevin to risk his and Bella’s lives to hack into police records for Phyllis. This is for a good cause, she pleads with ‘the only person’ who can help her. Kevin looks tempted when hearing it’s to take Chelsea down – but again thinks of Bella and insists Phyllis start the elevator again.

Flashback to Paul and Chris pressuring JT into helping them take Victor down (because of what he did to Patty; which resulted in Colleen’s death) They suspect that Victor’s involved in price-fixing on a global level. After JT stayed quite for Nikki, they know the Newmans will trust him. When JT continues to resist, they threaten to charge him with suppressing evidence in their investigation (and Nikki, whom he covered for). JT had finally agreed – but with a few conditions. Back to the here and now, JT shakes Paul’s hand and assures that he’ll stick to their deal.

Lily and Cane flirt and laugh over lunch at Top of the Tower. He’s still the man she fell in love with all those years ago. Across the room, Vikki’s at a table impatiently waiting for JT. ‘Where are you?’ she texts him them approaches the Ashby’s table to admit that she made a mistake in believing Juliet over Cane. He’s sorry too for making some horrible mistakes. Yes you did, Vikki leaves Cane and Lily to revert back to discussing the ‘vicious’ Hilary. On cue, Hilary arrives and gets an angry look from both Lily and Vikki.

Paul closes his office door to again scold JT for not getting anything on the Newmans. JT would never cover for Victor (like he did Nikki) He’s working on it and will deliver – but – Vikki gets immunity, he reminds (and Paul or Chris is to set him up with a job) Since he’s putting a lot on the line here, JT would like some reassurance before getting Paul and Chris the proof they need to charge Victor.

Phyllis is back at CL’s updating Sharon that Kevin won’t help them when Kevin returns to give Phyllis passwords to the GCPD database. This never happened, they agree. Reporting back to Sharon, Phyllis is left with one last hurdle – the passwords only work within the police station. Sharon has the answer – she volunteers at a crisis line. You ARE a crisis, Phyllis blurts out. Unphased, Sharon will head off to the station – but will need a favour from Phyllis.

Getting off the elevator downstairs, Lily and Cane pat themselves on the back for being mature and restrained at Top of the Tower (by ignoring Hilary) Cane promises to fill Lily’s days with surprises and romance. But now he must get back to work ~kiss~ He hasn’t even gotten on the elevator when Lily sends him some racy texts and reappears with a flirtatious smile. It’s time to play hooky.