Tuesday, February 20th

On the CL’s patio, Nick goes over his list – the church is booked for July, now they need a caterer, photographer, minister. Wishing they could bump it up, Chelsea’s thrilled when Nick offers to call and see if there’s been a cancellation. After hugs and I love you’s, Chelsea urges Nick to make the call. As Sharon looks out at the happy couple and then at her phone, Mariah appears to wonder why her Mom’s looking at a baby photo of Christian.

At home, Phyllis shares the secret (and her frustration) with Billy. If Nick ever finds out it’ll devastate him. She’s not sure if she’ll tell him or not. It’s on ME to do what’s best for Nick. Either way, he’ll hate you, Billy understands her dilemma.

Tessa delivers an ‘execute’ contract for Hilary (at the station) He can’t stand to look at me after what I’ve done, Hilary rightly concludes.

Vikki chuckles as she candy tumbles out of a Valentine’s card from JT. He wants a do-over; dinner at Top of the Tower. Reed’s not available to babysit so that leaves Billy. Vikki agrees – she’d like to make it up to JT too. Great, JT says as he sends Paul a text (‘hope to have something for you soon’)

Billy can’t say what Nick would want BUT if Phyllis keeps quiet he gets to keep his son. AND marries a woman who’s lying to him, Phyllis has struggled with this all night. She can put Chelsea in prison with just one phone call (and is clearly tempted to do so)

Nick tells Chelsea that there’s been a cancellation – they can get married on March 26th. Chelsea’s happy and already has her adoption papers filled out. Looking troubled when two cops saunter by, she makes a quick exit while Nick’s left to plan the wedding.

Sharon lies – she saw a baby earlier that reminder her of Sully/Christian. Mariah hoped it would get easier for her Mom – perhaps you’re feeling nostalgic. Sharon denies wishing she could raise Christian with Nick – she just needs to figure out how to handle a few things.

Tessa has no idea why Devon sent her to deliver the paperwork. He said that any communication is to go through me. No, Hilary has no message to relay to Devon – ‘Go’ (Tessa does)

‘The sooner the better’ (JT reads a text from Paul) He’s surprised when Billy drops by to pick up the kids (who are still out skating with Reed) Mentioning their quick exit from Top of the Tower on Valentine’s Day, Billy tells JT that it IS his business. When Vikki comes down (again in her Valentine’s dress) JT obediently goes up to get changed – tell your ex how happy we are, he instructs. Instead, Vikki asks Billy what she walked in on.

Phyllis doesn’t appreciate Chelsea summoning her to Top of the Tower and Chelsea doesn’t appreciate Phyllis telling Sharon that Christian isn’t Nick’s son even less. Phyllis had decided to keep Chelsea’s secrets – for now. Chelsea warns Phyllis not to force her into doing something she’ll regret. On her way out, Phyllis promises to find a way to expose Chelsea without hurting Nick.