Monday, February 19th

Back up at Top of the Tower, Hilary’s relieved that the Asbhy’s have left, only to be confronted by Vikki. How can you live with yourself? Vikki asks the ‘sociopath’. Hilary apologizes – it was a dark time her life that she’s disgusted by. I’ve changed. Vikki isn’t convinced by the rebranding of the show (or Hilary’s tears and apologies) The one person you owe an apology to isn’t here anymore. Juliet’s bad luck began the day she met you, Vikki stomps off. Hilary’s left to call Phyllis to whine. Busy working the counter at CL’s and getting texts from Sharon, Phyllis can’t talk now.

At the station but unable to log on with her crisis line computer, Sharon takes a seat at Kevin’s old desk for a loud bootup. She’s about to log on when Paul comes out to ask what she’s doing. The crisis line computers are down – Sharon’s just printing out protocols for a new employee. Make it fast, this is a breach of security, Paul growls as he leaves Sharon to it.

When JT reappears in her office, Vikki scolds him for badgering her into lunch then standing her up; it’s rude and inconsiderate. JT’s annoyed to learn that Vikki basically has a time stamp of him leaving the garage and demands to know where he went. JT’s just doing his job – he was dealing with an alarm system at a Newman warehouse across town. Vikki apologizes profusely; of course she trusts JT.

An overworked Phyllis is actually happy to see Sharon when she comes back to CL’s, with results that Sharon would like to see. She does know a thing or two about DNA tests after all. Hurriedly opening the envelope and reading, Phyllis knows even more about DNA (she worked in a lab) It’s a match; Chelsea’s telling the truth; Christian is Adam’s son! she informs Sharon.

Next: Billy conspires with Phyllis …. Devon gives Hilary the cold shoulder … Phyllis and Chelsea’s game of cat and mouse heats up.

My Thoughts: As annoyed as I am about Sharon’s character being all over the map lately, I couldn’t help but be amused by her and Phyllis working together. Needless to say, Sharon’s need of DNA results hardly makes her an expert. And of course you can’t access police records from a crisis line computer. Luckily the chief of police is a complete dolt. He has his wife have no problem looking the other way when it’s not a target of theirs who’s breaking the law (or anyone other than Victor) IE It’s perfectly OK for Nikki to steal millions as long as it’s from Victor. She could probably kill him and get away with it (which would be preferable and easier than living with him) … I like Mariah’s hair straightened for a change (and Sharon’s hair up) but what’s with Kevin’s fixation with her sex life? Is Bella at the estate with Ester? Surely, he wouldn’t come to town without her (even though she’ll soon be old enough to spill the beans that her Mom’s alive and well in Oregon) … There’s no doubt now that Vikki and JT’s relationship is doomed to failure. While I have no sympathy for Vikki, it seems she’s being emotionally abused. JT was in the wrong, lying and still managed to have her tripping over her apologies.