Tuesday, February 20th

On the patio, Tessa thanks Nick for helping her even after she hurt his family (which she’ll never do again) She and Mariah can be friends again but Noah’s still angry, she sighs. He’s taken a job in Mumbai, Nick stuns Tessa.

Vikki admits that things were tense between her and JT at Top of the Tower – but it’s her fault – I shouldn’t have danced with you (or been distracted by work) Telling Vikki that she was right to fire him, Billy then hears that Hilary had proof that Cane didn’t sexually harass Juliet. Things aren’t always what they appear, Billy agrees. Leaving, he won’t kiss Vikki on the cheek in case JT gets upset again. Seconds later, JT comes down with flowers (which are forgotten as they head out to dinner)

When Nick comes in for a refill, Sharon’s a deer-in-the-headlights. Earth to Sharon, Mariah snaps her out of it then changes the subject to Noah. Nick thinks he has reason to feel betrayed – there’s nothing worse than being lied to by someone you trust (meaning Mariah, Tessa, and even Sharon) There’s no reason to keep something important from someone you care about, he concludes as Sharon’s head bobbles in agreement.

Guess what I just heard? Billy joins Hilary. That there’s a video of me proving that Cane didn’t harass Juliet? Hilary correctly guesses and doesn’t want another lecture on how horrible she is. Billy doesn’t want Hilary to run off – how about another drink?

Looking at the reservation list, Mr First-Day-On-The-Job doesn’t see JT’s name so they’ll have to wait 90 minutes for a table. This is Victoria Newman, her Father owns a place – give us the next table, JT orders. Vikki lets the guy off the hook – we’ll just go someplace else. At the elevator, she encourages JT to come try something new. It’ll be fun because we’re together. JT’s expression does not say ‘fun’.

Over drinks, Billy agrees that he’s not a fan of Cane but he didn’t deserve a false accusation claim. Hilary opens up about her jealousy of Lily – she never had to fight for anything like I did. I wanted her to lose for once. I’ve learned from my mistakes, Hilary insists but doesn’t know how to prove it. Use your platform, Billy suggests.

Hilary doesn’t seem bothered that you won’t see her, Tessa comes back to inform Devon (who’s not buying it) Noah’s probably telling people that I was ‘acting’ too, Tessa turns the conversation back to herself. You’re not like Hilary – she can’t ever be trusted, Devon knows.

Nick comes in to tell Sharon that he and Chelsea have bumped up the wedding to March 26th (hoping she’ll help with Faith) We’re adopting each other’s sons, he adds that Chelsea wants that done asap too. I should tell you something, Sharon’s stammering when Phyllis arrives in need of an urgent word with her (then spins a lie about donating to the crisis line) After Nick leaves, Phyllis scolds Sharon and makes her promise that she won’t tell Nick that Christian isn’t his.

Vikki and JT are back from their street-vendor hot dog dinner and horse-drawn carriage ride; ‘best do-over date ever’ ~kiss~

The kids upstairs, Billy comes down to get an update from Phyllis (Sharon’s agreed to keep her mouth shut) As Billy kisses her neck, Phyllis claims that Chelsea’s forgotten for the night.