Tuesday, February 20th

At Top of the Tower, Nick tells Chelsea that Sharon was about to tell him something when Phyllis hijacked the conversation. Yes, he too hopes Sharon vents to someone (else) about what’s troubling her. Nervous, Chelsea takes a big gulp of her wine.

Wearing nothing but a blanket, Vikki’s pleased with her and JT’s adventurous night – and with the job he’s doing at NE. Don’t go overboard trying to prove yourself to me and my Dad. JT credits Vikki with turning his life around. You’ve given me a job, a home – unlike Mac, you believe in me. I love you. I love you too ~kiss~

Hilary’s decided to do something different tonight. We’re going to focus on a personal issue. Seated beside her, co-host Mariah’s surprised to hear the subject is ‘lies’ (which have gotten her into trouble recently) We’d all like to hear about it another time, Hilary continues with her public apology. She won’t name names but those affected will know it’s to them. In his office, Devon watches intently on his laptop as an emotional Hilary recites a passage from the bible – the truth shall set you free. You can’t love or be loved until you commit fully. Without truth, there’s no trust.

As we hear Hilary prattle on about honesty, Vikki and JT are making out … Billy and Phyllis are also watching ….. Sharon looks conflicted as she turns the TV off and makes a call to Nick. I was about to tell you something but Phyllis stopped me. You deserve to know the truth, she says – then is knocked unconscious to the ground when a stainless steel coffee pot comes crashing down from behind.

Next: Nikki makes a shocking discovery …. Mariah makes up for lost time …. Sharon’s life hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts: If Nick already has the church booked doesn’t that mean he’s also booked a minister? Can you have one without the other? It’s not like booking a hall then hiring your own DJ or band. You kinda have to use the minister who preaches there every Sunday (not that he’d recognize either Nick or Chelsea as regulars) … Why would JT bother to get Vikki flowers if neither of them can take the time to put them in a vase of water? …. Yeah right, Hilary – Lily never had to fight for anything. As a teenager, she was given an STD by Kevin and kidnapped by his pal. She lost her Mom and battled cancer. And let’s not forget how hard Lily ‘fought’ to break Hilary and her Dad up. Lily’s done a lot of fighting (and that doesn’t even include how many times she’s fought for her marriage to Cane)… If Chelsea’s the one in such a rush to get married why isn’t she helping with any of the plans? It seems like Nick’s got everything on his to-do list …. It shouldn’t take too long for someone to find Sharon – the coffee shop shouldn’t even be closed this early. Finding the culprit should take even less time … Huh. I just saw a commercial for a show that’s on Wednesday night called 9-1-1 and I’m pretty sure Faith is in it.