Wednesday, February 21st

Sharon? Are you there? Hello? At Top of the Tower, Nick hangs up looking worried. Back at the coffee house, Chelsea hangs up Sharon’s phone (as she lays on the ground unconscious)

At home, Phyllis and Billy watch Hilary wrap up her show on honesty. Billy boasts that he inspired Hilary but denies has any secrets to hide. Phyllis is suspicious – you didn’t drink out of the OJ carton this morning (?) Tonight is about us, Billy reminds with a kiss.

Back at CL’s, Chelsea’s tidying up when she hears Nikki arrive on the patio (giving Arturo the cold shoulder and excuses on her phone) OMG! Sharon?! Can you hear me? Crouched behind the counter, Chelsea sneaks out while Nikki’s busy calling 911.

The show over, Mariah lectures Hilary for hijacking it. Invited to quit, Mariah taunts Hilary as she looks at her phone – are you expecting a call from the person you’re groveling to?? Hilary admits that she disappointed Devon. What did you do this time? Mariah asks.

Victor’s playing with the kids at the ranch. You look more like your Father every day, he tells Christian. There’s no mistaking who your Dad is.

Medics tend to Sharon and as they wheel her out, Nick arrives to ask his Mom what happened. Nikki, of course, has no answers.

Nick and Nikki are now at GCM (where Sharon’s in a room being tended to) She was hit from behind, Nikki relays what little she was told. Who would do that to Sharon? Nick wonders.

At the penthouse, Chelsea has her bags packed at the front door. She pulls out a pad of paper to write a note to her dearest Nick – by the time you read this ….

After Nick makes a call (presumably to Paul) doctors inform him that Sharon’s being taken for tests – she might have brain damage. How can Nick tell his kids that their Mother may never be the same again?

Back at the station, Mariah’s incredulous – you knew Juliet was lying and didn’t say anything??? You screwed over so many people; Cane, the Newmans. That’s why you wanted ME to cover the story. Hilary didn’t run with the story. Yeah, because there was a gag order, Mariah gives her NO credit. No wonder Devon’s pissed at you. Not for long, Hilary’s sure he’ll forgive her. Near tears, Hilary lists the good things she’s done. Mariah then gets a call from Nick – what?!