Wednesday, February 21st

Even hearing that Sharon was about to tell Nick something important right before she was hit in the head, Billy’s still not convinced that Chelsea did it. She was at that coffee house, Phyllis is sure. She wasn’t at work, like she told Nick (Phyllis called the studio) Also, Phyllis heard Chelsea inside the penthouse but by the time she came back with the super to gain access, she’d gone.

At Sharon’s bedside, Mariah chats to her unconscious Mom. Paul’s on the case and will catch whoever did this. Nick and Nikki have been very supportive. Tearing up, Mariah now talks about their connection and how long it’s taken her to call Sharon ‘Mom’. I need you to wake up so I can tell you.

Now home, Nikki can see that the boys are indeed having fun. Yup, Victor has it all under control. The kids are curious; their minds are like sponges. He then puts Nikki on babysitting duty, dons his coat and leaves. Time for bed, Nikki promptly announces (causing both boys to look at her like she’s an alien)

Why is it so important to find Chelsea? Walk away, Billy coaxes as he rubs Phyllis’ back. Chelsea has to be the one to tell Nick – he won’t believe me, Phyllis knows. He even believes that Sharon was hit during a robbery. The walls are closing in, Chelsea’s desperate – who knows what she’ll do, Phyllis is on high alert despite the massage.

Mariah hovers as Nick sits at Sharon’s bedside to say what a good person and Mother she is. A lot of people need you. She just squeezed my hand! Nick’s shocked. Sharon awakens groggily. Do you know who did this to you? Nick asks.

Nikki’s surprised when Chelsea shows up at the ranch. What are you doing here? I came to pick up Connor and Christian, Chelsea smiles casually.

Next: Victor springs into action …Chelsea is backed into a corner …Nick’s world is rocked.

My Thoughts: I’m still perplexed as to when The Hilary Hour airs – and how did they fill the other 55 minutes after Hilary’s big apology. And when buying GC Buzz, did Devon not get any other shows? How does advertising fit in? I just don’t see how Devon thought this company was poised to take off and go big? The Hilary Hour seems to solely consist of whatever Hilary wants to get off her chest with Mariah attempting to be relevant by injecting awkward banter. Odd that Jack hasn’t come around asking her to interview his new chemist Helen. I thought he and Hilary had an agreement … Since the theme this week is obviously ‘honesty’, here’s some honesty for the writers; come up with some interesting storylines. We no longer care what Victor and Nikki are up to. The Ashby’s are kinda boring unless someone’s cheating or lying. Plus, if we wanted to see a happy couple, why not Mike and Lauren?