Thursday, February 22nd

Surprised that Chelsea’s come to pick up the boys, Nikki informs that they’re in bed and wonders why the sleepover is canceled. Nikki’s also surprised to hear that Nick and Chelsea are taking the boys to Cascade Mountain tomorrow (since he’s still at the hospital with Sharon) Chelsea thinks this random, vicious attack shows that you just never know what life will bring – we didn’t want to postpone this trip. Nikki looks unsettled by Chelsea’s eagerness to leave with the boys.

Phyllis is asking a nurse for info when Mariah spots her and comes out to say that Nick’s in with Sharon. Phyllis needs to see her. I don’t think so, Mariah blocks her. In bed, Sharon relays to Nick what little she remembers. You were on the phone with me – had something important to tell me, he nudges. Sharon remembers – she wanted to finish the discussion Phyllis interrupted. I’m so glad you’re here, Sharon takes Nick’s hand.

Nick tells Sharon that whatever she has to say can wait. Any idea who attacked you? No, Sharon just heard footsteps. Nick’s sure that Paul will get to the bottom of it.

Hands on her hips, Nikki doubts Chelsea’s story. Perhaps you’re taking the boys because Nick doesn’t want them bonding with Victor? No, no and Chelsea’s working on Nick to cut his Dad some slack. OK then, Nikki hopes for a raincheck on the sleepover. Chelsea’s almost out the door when Nikki asks if she’s taking the toys. Save them for next time, Chelsea smiles and leaves Nikki puzzled.

Sharon’s truth-bombshell is postponed by the nurse coming in to do tests and Nick getting a call from Chelsea. He updates that Sharon was attacked; she’ll be fine but can’t remember much right now. Chelsea informs that she’ll be working an all-nighter. When Nick hears one of the boys (in the back seat of the car) Chelsea claims it’s the TV then quickly ends the call and throws the phone out the window.

When Mariah goes to grab a coffee, Phyllis tries to convince Nick that Chelsea was the one who attacked Sharon – I think she’s taking off with the boys.

Phyllis refuses to go home – Chelsea could be running away with your son! This is insane, Nick sees no reason for Chelsea to attack Sharon. You sound like a conspiracy nutjob. Hearing that Phyllis had the super let her into the penthouse, Nick thinks her irrational – ‘you need help’. Chelsea’s working at her studio, the boys are at the ranch for a sleepover. After Nick walks off, Phyllis calls Victor – are the boys with you and Nikki? Victor asks Nikki if the boys are up in bed. When Nikki updates Victor that Chelsea took the boys, Victor gets back on the phone to order Phyllis to mind her own business and stay away from his family.

Sneaking into her room, Phyllis appeals to Sharon for help – you’re the only one who can stop Chelsea before it’s too late.