Thursday, February 22nd

Chelsea tells the boys ‘we had to leave, the three of us. I had to make a choice. Your Daddy wouldn’t want you boys to be apart’.

Victor’s on the phone asking someone to access the GPS tracker he had put on Chelsea’s car. What direction is she going on Highway 50? Hanging up, Victor tells Nikki that he has to go take care of something before more damage is done.

Sharon can’t believe it was Chelsea who hit her – she’s never been violent. It was a robbery. Yes, Phyllis DID go to Nick with this but he thinks Chelsea’s at work and the boys at the ranch. You have no proof, Sharon concludes (and she won’t lie to the police by saying that she remembers it was Chelsea who hit her) Sharon can’t take any more – just go, please! In the hallway, Mariah orders both Nick and Phyllis out. Showing Phyllis to the door, Nick demands she leave them all alone. I’m just looking out for you, a defeated Phyllis says as she exits.

Mariah tells Sharon that Nick was by her side the whole time until she woke up (and Mariah sent him away) He loves you in his own way and would do anything for you and the kids. When Paul arrives, Mariah steps out. The cash register was open, the cash was gone – security cameras were disabled, Paul reports. His guys are on it but have no leads yet. Anything Sharon can tell Paul could be valuable.

Victor pulls up behind Chelsea’s car but gets a surprise when he opens the door. Good evening Mr Newman, Jordan smiles up at him.

Nick sends Chelsea a text – the penthouse is so quiet without her and the boys.

Victor’s not impressed by Jordan’s lack of info. He has no idea where Chelsea is. She sold him her car and had to leave town.

This is going to hurt Nick so bad – it’s the last thing I ever meant to do, Chelsea talks to the boys and flashes back to happier (hornier) times with Nick as she drives through the night. Looking back at Christian, Chelsea now recalls fun ‘family’ times. Pulling over, she breathes heavily – what am I doing???

Sharon heard footsteps but saw nothing. Has anyone been acting strangely? Paul asks. Was anyone lingering around while you were closing? Were the doors locked? There’s no sign of forced entry. Run the events through your head again, he wants to catch this violent robber before it happens to someone else. Sharon was taken completely by surprise – she wishes she knew more.

Phyllis barges into the ranch. Victor’s not here and no, the boys aren’t either – Chelsea picked them up, Nikki wonders what’s wrong.