Thursday, February 22nd

Vikki’s on her way up to bed when she hears the doorbell and opens the door. Christian?! she pulls him inside and calls Nick – Christian’s here by himself; he’s in his pajamas. He won’t say what happened except ‘secret trip’. About to leave, Nick finds and opens the envelope that contains Chelsea’s engagement ring and the Dear Nick letter.

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone – with Connor and Christian. I’m a liar and a coward, The money you found was money I scammed from Chelsea 2.0 with the fake website. I thought I’d get away with it. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Victor walks into the ranch and looks at Phyllis and Nikki with a grave face.

Nick continues to read the letter. Chelsea would rather live in shame than in prison – she won’t ask for Nick’s forgiveness (knowing he can’t give it) My love for you is real. I’ll always love you.

Back on the road, Chelsea makes a call – I’m on my way, it’ll just be Connor and me.

Nick’s heartbroken and bewildered – as if his world has just come crashing down.

My Thoughts: OK – so now that Chelsea’s made a written confession to theft/fraud, can’t Paul (because duh – who else?) put an APB out on her and try to have her arrested before she leaves the country? She should be charged with endangering a child too. What if Vikki was already asleep or even took long enough for Christian to wander off? We know how often kids go through thin ice in GC. After that, it shouldn’t be too hard to charge her with attacking Sharon … Who could Chelsea be calling? I guess it’s not Adam because he’d probably have a few choice words about her leaving Christian behind ….. Gate security at the ranch still doing a top-notch job. Nikki was surprised to find both Chelsea and then Phyllis at her front door …. Now that Nick’s single, it’ll be fierce competition between Sharon and Phyllis over who’s to mend his broken heart (never mind that Phyllis is living with Billy) … Sure the cameras inside CL’s were disabled but there must be footage of Chelsea outside – or her car in the parking lot.