Friday, February 23rd

Now morning, Sharon awakens from a bad dream. At her bedside, Mariah assures her that Faith’s fine. Help me convince the doctors to let me go home – Sharon wants to help catch her attacker.

At the ranch, Victor updates Nikki that his team of investigators is looking for Chelsea and Connor. The police have her letter confessing to stealing money from Fenmore’s and are eager to find her too. Sure that Chelsea will make a mistake soon, Victor won’t let her abscond with Adam’s son.

Nick’s at home trying to coax Christian into eating. Sorry – it’s just us, he kisses the top of Christian’s head.

Over breakfast at the club, Phyllis and Hilary commiserate that their good efforts aren’t getting them anywhere. Hilary drives the conversation back to herself; I lost Devon for good this time. If you want him back, we’ll get him, Phyllis encourages – just say the word.

Nick tells Christian that there’s been a change of plan – Chelsea and Connor are going on their secret trip. It’ll be hard but your Dad will always be here for you – we’ll have fun with the rest of our family, he lists the young cousins. No one else will leave us ever again.

Hilary was humiliated when Devon rejected her and went over to kiss Simone. Phyllis is sure he can be lured back and notes that Hilary’s finally admitting her feelings for Devon. Yeah, but he’s moved on, Hilary pouts. I’ve even lost him as a friend. How can I work for him? Phyllis advises Hilary to stand back and focus on having a baby. Forget the IVI – find another donour.

Mariah tells Sharon that she knows what Phyllis suspects Chelsea of (crazy accusations neither she or Nick believe) Sharon’s touched to hear how worried about her Nick was. He’s the most forgiving and resilient man – he can survive anything life throws at him. I should give him a call, she decides.

Victor’s on the phone – I don’t care what happens to Chelsea. Get back to work finding my grandson ~click~ A sympathetic Nikki understands; Connor is your last connection to Adam. She wishes she didn’t let Chelsea take the boys last night. At least she had the sense not to take Nick’s son. Nikki loves both those boys. Victor intends to go see Nick – he won’t lose Christian too.

Phyllis drops by the penthouse but won’t say ‘I told you so’ and doesn’t blame Nick for not believing her. I should have trusted you, Nick sighs. I gave you years of reasons not to, Phyllis is humble. Nick then confides that Chelsea said something in her letter about Christian that doesn’t make sense to him.