Friday, February 23rd

Now at the studio, Hilary finally comes across a donour profile she likes and fantasizes about delivering her baby only to have the doctor pull off his mask to reveal that he’s the donour. He’s taking HIS baby. Give him to me!!! Hilary shouts from her hospital bed. Seeing another profile she likes, Hilary now fantasizes about bumping into the donour at the club – I’m carrying your baby, she tells him. A cop then comes over to arrest the donour – for a triple murder! When Mariah appears at the station, Hilary closes the laptop – I’m done with this.

Nick wonders why Chelsea left Christian behind. Phyllis thinks maybe because it would be easier to escape with one kid – maybe she didn’t want to be charged with kidnapping. Nick can’t believe how convincing Chelsea was when lying to him. The world needs more people like you, Phyllis thinks it’s a good thing that he didn’t marry Chelsea (or have her adopt Christian) When a phone rings, Phyllis lies and says it’s hers (Nick’s phone lights up with a photo of Sharon and Faith) Declining the call, Phyllis suddenly has to go deal with something.

All those hours researching donours and you’re giving up? Mariah’s surprised. Having no interest in Mariah’s story, Hilary’s decided that insemination feels wrong, it’s not for me. Unless Hilary falls in love with a man, she won’t have the baby she desperately wants to sing to sleep at night – like my Mom did to me. As she cries in Mariah’s arms, Devon arrives. Hilary regroups to give Devon some attitude. He’s there to protect his investment. This investment can protect itself, Hilary says defiantly.

Nick’s looking through Chelsea’s sketch pad when Victor and Nikki drop by. Accepting his Mom’s supportive hug, Nick’s surprised that Victor’s here. I’m always there for my family – my grandson needs me, Victor clarifies that he’s not there for Nick.