Friday, February 23rd

Still in her hospital bed, Sharon wonders how Phyllis knows she called Nick – you need someone to reign you in. No, you need someone to enlighten you about what’s going on in the world and tell you how wrong you were to your self-righteous face, Phyllis fires back.

Devon reminds Hilary that she agreed to make changes – to focus on her guests and stories he approved. Hilary knows her viewers want to see her, not a puppet. Yes, Devon does expect her to follow orders. In that case (and because Devon doesn’t even want to be around her) Hilary will make things easier for him – I quit.

Back at the penthouse, Nikki relays thinking Chelsea’s story odd (that they were taking the kids sledding) and wishes she hadn’t let her take the boys. Victor and Nick agree that Nikki shouldn’t blame herself. Christian then comes down to be fussed over by his grandpa. Let him be, Nikki quietly tells Nick when it looks like he might interrupt – that boy needs as much love as possible.

Phyllis convinces Sharon that she wasn’t lying about Chelsea taking off with the boys. She left Nick a note admitting she hijacked those sales from Fenmore’s. She didn’t mention hitting you in the head or Christian’s paternity. He was left in his pajamas on Vikki’s doorstep. Chelsea didn’t even have the heart to take Nick’s son away from him. He’s lost enough – Sharon MUST keep the secret.

Packing her cardboard box, Hilary looks forward to a clean break. Devon won’t release Hilary from her contract – you said it yourself, you ARE the show. Make sure Hilary’s on the Hilary Hour, he leaves her to throw her box on the floor.

Victor tells Christian that he inherited his toughness from his Dad (who inherited it from him) You have so many people who love you. I’ll make sure you enjoy the good life you deserve. Watching on, Nikki smiles; Nick does not.

Still in Sharon’s room, Phyllis lays blame on her – if you told the cops Chelsea hit you, they would have caught her. Sharon couldn’t lie and has no evidence that Chelsea hit her. Listing everything Chelsea did, Phyllis doesn’t understand why Sharon would want to deliver Nick yet another devastating blow. You’ll be no worse than Chelsea. Think about that! Phyllis marches out.