Monday, February 26th

On the patio, Sharon stops Mariah from calling Hilary (to do a segment on Chelsea) Sharon doesn’t want to be the reason Chelsea’s backed into a corner. She gave me a job, treated me with trust and respect. And hit you in the head, Mariah reminds. Sharon has no room to judge anyone. Mariah persists – Chelsea ran like a coward. Lies hurt. Sometimes the truth hurts, Sharon adds.

Victor gone, Phyllis complains about him threatening her. He’s a disgusting maniac – but one I can learn from. WWVD – what would Victor do (to keep Sharon’s mouth shut)? Billy warns that if she sinks to that level there’s no coming back. Victor’s no role model. Phyllis will do whatever she needs to.

JT ends a call and updates Vikki. How could Mac demand full custody? Vikki fume (but felt the same way when JT took Reed away) JT made a mistake but doesn’t deserve to lose his kids. Vikki agrees. JT pictured all the kids together. Vikki just wants to help – I’m on your side. Frustrated, JT finally admits that Vikki’s the reason Mac’s doing this.

JT didn’t want to tell Vikki that she’s the reason Mac’s suing for full custody. She’s not thrilled that I moved in here so quickly. Do you want to move out? Vikki asks. No, JT will fight for custody – from here – with Vikki. He’ll go talk to his lawyer. Being with you is all I want ~kiss~ Reed’s about to head out to do his community service when Vikki stops him to ask about Mac.

Back at the penthouse, Nick won’t box up Abby’s stuff and move back to the tackhouse. Victor adores Christian and you (though he won’t admit it) Nikki persists – your Father loves his grandchildren. He’s devastated at the thought of not seeing Connor. Dad doesn’t deserve you, Nick comments – but his answer is still no.

Phyllis startles Sharon at the coffee house. Reminding Sharon that she threw her down a flight of stairs that lead to her coma, Phyllis demands Sharon’s silence. You might not care about ripping Nick’s world apart but I do!

Bumping into each other at the club, Billy and JT butt heads. Billy blames JT helping Phyllis investigate Chelsea.