Monday, February 26th

Reed’s not that surprised that Mac’s going for sole custody. Divorce usually means full out war. Vikki asks how things were between JT and Mac. I didn’t run away because they were fighting all the time, Reed gets huffy. He has no insight – I wasn’t around much. Why? Dad, Mac and the kids were a family – I didn’t really fit in.

What I do or say is none of your business, Sharon doesn’t owe Phyllis anything. How is telling Nick the truth selfish? Because you’ll hold his hand and shed a tear with him. Phyllis will NOT let Sharon ruin Nick’s life. It’s not up to you. When Nick knocks on the glass, Phyllis quips ‘showtime girl’.

When Nikki drops by, Vikki knows she’s worried what Victor will do. How can I help? Bring Katie, Johnny and Reed over. Victor loves his grandkids. It’ll cheer him up (and me too) Vikki then updates her Mom that Mac’s filing for full custody because he’s living with me. Reed hinted that Mac’s changed. He felt left out of the family. Nikki dissuades Vikki from calling Mac – it’s something your Father would do. Let JT and Mac work it out themselves.

At the bar for drinks, Billy knows that Mac always plays fair. JT thought so too. Billy’s annoyed that JT told Vikki that she’s the reason for the custody fight. Maybe you did something to provoke Mac, Billy’s curious (as JT marches off)

Sharon wants Nick to know that he’s not alone – I know it’s hard. You can and will get through this. Phyllis interrupts – Nick doesn’t want to dwell. Don’t make this about you. What’s going on with you too? Nick asks. Sharon then announces that Chelsea was the one who attacked her. I was about to call you, to warn you. No, not about the money. Phyllis tries to shut Sharon up – you’re not well.

Vikki leaves Mac a message – hoping they can talk Mother to Mother about the custody thing. When JT comes home, he’s angry that she spoke to Reed. I was just trying to help, Vikki explains. JT won’t be left out of the loop. Message received, Vikki replies.

Phyllis is all but dragging Sharon out the patio (she needs to be in the hospital – she was talking gibberish before you got here) Sharon’s fine and knows the difference between right and wrong. Physically throwing Phyllis aside, Sharon tells Nick the truth – you’re not Christian’s Father, Adam is!