Wednesday, February 28th

Grandpa loves you very much, Victor ruffles Christian’s hair and pauses to tell Nick that he respects him wanting to do things his way. Nick has no problem with his parents having access to Christian as long as they don’t push his boundaries. He’s left to watch Christian playing obliviously.

JT scolds Vikki for turning the living room into her office – he’s been looking for his tablet (now in his hand) forever. And now JT goes to sit in the dining room so Lily and Vikki can talk business (and butt heads when Lily repeatedly says she has to run things by Ashley) JT comes in to defend Lily – she’s trying to do the best she can in a tough position. His input not appreciated (by Vikki), JT leaves the house.

Nick drops by CL’s to show Sharon that he’s fine. Not buying it, she encourages Nick to open up. Nick has questions only Sage and Adam can answer. The one bright light in this is Christian. Sharon hates to give Nick more bad news but Mariah talked about Chelsea on last night’s show. Phyllis then appears to fuss over Nick. He vows that nothing will come between him and Christian – there’s something I need you two to do.

Having tea at the club’s bar, JT leaves yet another testy voicemail for Mac. Lily comes by to thank him for sticking up for her with Vikki (who used to be a great boss until they moved to Newman – and Ashley arrived) Lily even thought of Vikki as a friend. JT confides that Vikki’s sometimes ‘hard work’. Lily has two ears and nowhere to be.

Seated on the patio, Sharon’s suspicious of Victor coming by the penthouse to extend an olive branch. Phyllis chimes in to relay Victor coming to her apartment asking her to persuade Nick to come to him and Nikki for help with Christian. Nick’s decided to be civil – keep his enemy close. Victor must never know that he’s not Christian’s Father. Both ladies vow to keep the secret. After Nick leaves, Phyllis blames Sharon for how devastated he is.

Victor’s home to tell Nikki that he has a lot on his mind so can’t have their scheduled discussion about charities. As he’s about to go upstairs, Nikki announces that she has something on her mind too – why Victor covered up Chelsea’s crimes and chose not to tell her or their son.

Nick tells Christian that he’s going to see his grandparents, siblings and cousins all the time. You are my son. No one will ever take that away, he scoops the boy up into his lap.

Lily’s surprised that Mac’s going for full custody; she’s so kind and generous – even carried my twins. She’s also sure that Vikki was trying to help when calling Mac. Take a deep breath and go talk to Vikki. You’re a team. As they joke about how sensible Lily is, Vikki arrives to scowl from the revolving door.

Served coffee, Victor tells Nikki why he didn’t go to the police about Chelsea. Nikki understands that and him not wanting to ruin Nick’s happiness – but – he should have told her (then she wouldn’t have let Chelsea take the boys the other night) We’re supposed to be partners – looking out for our family together, she lectures.

Sharon won’t take orders from Phyllis. Nick’s glad he knows the truth. No, his heart’s breaking – thanks to YOU, Phyllis argues. Nick told me I did the right thing and he meant it, Sharon wonders if Phyllis is jealous. It’s not all about YOU, Phyllis thinks Sharon’s interfered enough. The last thing Nick needs is more of your help.