Wednesday, February 28th

Nick’s surprised to open his front door and find Anita standing there.

My heart’s breaking for you, Anita forces a hug and sympathies on Nick. She feels terrible that Chelsea left him and only found out about it on TV last night. How’s Christian? Anita shares Nick’s sorrow. She’ll miss Chelsea and Connor so much. Unconvinced, Nick knows Anita wants something – now what is it?

Vikki’s at the bar – so you two just happened to cross paths again, she bares her teeth to force a smile. Yes, twice in one day – the benefits of living in a small town, JT quips. Lily agrees that she and JT have years to catch up on. Vikki hates to break it up but Lily better go get her work done. After Lily scurries out, Vikki complains that she seems to be on Ashley’s side. Well, JT’s friends with Lily, he’ll talk to her whenever he wants. SHE listens to me (unlike you) JT sure wishes Vikki had listened to him about not calling Mac (who’s now furious)

Victor’s sure Chelsea will be caught – then he and Nikki can get custody of Connor. Victor will do everything he can to protect both boys. He’s determined that they remain close. Well yes, but Christian has Nick to protect him, Nikki reminds.

Get to the point or get out, Nick growls. Not surprisingly, Anita’s there for money. When Nick refuses, Anita pulls out a flashdrive that Chelsea mailed to her – it’s a video for Christian. Nick doesn’t want it. Christian will one day want to know what she has to say, Anita demands 25K for it. It’s your last chance to hear from Chelsea – maybe even why she left you, Anita entices.

Next: A crisis unites Jack and Ashley …. Nick receives a surprise visitor …. Devon discovers that Hilary is keeping a secret.

My Thoughts: Are we supposed to believe that Phyllis was actually nervous about being summoned to the Newman ‘compound’? She marched in the other night like she owned the place …. I am not looking forward to Sharon and Phyllis fighting over Nick. Bring on someone new. I wonder when Billy will take exception to his girlfriend’s obsession with her ex (which Phyllis used to be all over him for about Vikki) Why hasn’t Summer made an appearance to support her Dad during his latest crisis? Does she even know what’s going on? … Why is Nick putting stuff in boxes already if he has no idea where he’s moving to. Maybe he can go stay at Rainbow Gardens – and deprive yet another needy family (the first being whomever Tessa displaced) … It’s pretty sad that Nick can’t come up with 25K? It’s a pretty cheap price to keep his secret (though if Anita’s seen it, she’s bound to want more) … Vikki and JT had great potential but now it seems like he has more chemistry with Lily … Maybe Nikki misread her agreement with Victor – he doesn’t have to tell her everything just like she doesn’t have to tell him every time she sleeps with a young contractor at the club they’re frequent patrons of.