Thursday, March 1st

At GC Buzz, Mariah blasts Hilary for disappearing right before a live show. Devon appears – he’d like an answer to that too.

Nick’s summoned Anita back to the penthouse. How does he know there’s anything worth seeing on that drive? Chelsea made it for Christian’s 18th birthday. Anita needs money or she’ll get kicked out of her apartment. Nick doesn’t have much money but has a counteroffer.

At home, Vikki and JT continue to bicker. He’s most troubled by how little respect Vikki has for him.

Tell Helen that she needs to hit the ground running if she wants to keep up with me and my team, Ashley taunts Jack as he seems to be leaving for work. Hearing that Ashley’s very happy at Newman, Jack hides a smile as he says he won’t give up hope that she’ll come back to Jabot.

Hilary’s absence was unavoidable and won’t happen again. Not getting an answer, Devon now decides he’ll accept the resignation Hilary previously offered him. Mariah looks surprised and conflicted.

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Vikki wanted to talk to Mac woman to woman – to let her know that they have a happy home; Reed’s happy here. JT accuses Vikki of trying to control everything – thanks for making things worse. You’re no smarter than me and maybe I know my soon to be ex-wife better than you. JT’s disappointed that Vikki undermined him. OK, see you at the office, Vikki leaves JT to sigh.

Nice rock, Anita can’t believe Chelsea didn’t cash it in – but it’s not worth 25K. Nick assures it is – and it’s the best he can offer. Don’t bother going to Victor either. Giving up, Anita gives Nick the drive. No, he has no message if Chelsea calls her Mother. Nick’s left to frown at the flash drive.

Vikki manages to congratulate Ashley on her Blunden’s deal. Her Dad convinced her that Ashley’s victories are good for the company. As Victor nods approvement in the background, Ashley makes a grand gesture of asking for Vikki’s input integrating BnS with Blunden’s. I’m so excited, Ashley squeals. Victor’s so happy he brought Ashley onboard – his ‘dream team’ are working together. Ashley gives Vikki an insincere smile.