Thursday, March 1st

Sharon drops by the penthouse to suggest Nick move in with her. Oh, there’s an idea, Nick doesn’t seem thrilled but admits it’s tempting. He appreciates the offer but he and Christian will figure out their own future.

When Tessa shows up with some checks for Devon to sign, she quickly detects that she’s walked in on a war zone. Devon accepted Tessa’s resignation, Mariah quietly updates Tessa that she’s been asked to host the show. When Tessa loudly congratulates Mariah, Hilary quickly tells Devon how much this job means to her. Grabbing her coat, she leaves in tears.

Still at home, Jack gets a call from Vikki and reports that his interview comes out tomorrow. Vikki hopes the editor didn’t take out the quotes about Newman. Hanging up, Vikki’s not pleased when JT drops by her office. He wants to focus on the way he was feeling, not his harsh words to Vikki. He’s not mad – he just needs Vikki to stop overreacting to every little thing.

Nick watches Chelsea’s video – happy 18th birthday Christian. You may not remember me but I took care of you. I loved you as my very own son. There’s some important things you need to know. Your biological Father is not Nick, it’s his brother Adam. If you didn’t know this, I’m sorry to drop this bomb on you. You have a half-brother named Connor. Your Mother died knowing Adam was your Father. Sage loved Nick so Adam altered the results knowing you’d be a good Father. I kept your paternity a secret too. I was going to take you with me. But I couldn’t do that to Nick. I brought you back and have missed you ever day since. The terrible things you’ve heard about me are true but know that I truly loved Nick and will always love you. I hope you one day reconnect with your brother and have the relationship Nick and Adam didn’t.

At CL’s, Sharon’s surprised that Mariah disapproves of her asking Nick and Christian to move in with them. I’m glad he turned you down. You don’t think it’d be hard to have the child you thought was yours live with us? It wouldn’t stir up old memories? When Nick turned you down, you dodged a bullet, Mariah concludes.

Bumping into Nick at the club, Jack says he’s sorry things didn’t work out with Chelsea – things will get better. Nick just hopes things don’t get worse. Jack cites his improved relationship with Billy as an example – even he and Ashley are co-existing – living together we have to work through our issues.

A young girl who lives in Tessa’s building comes looking for Hilary – to thank her for being her mentor in an after-school program. The other day my brother OD’d on pills. I called 911. My parents couldn’t afford to take the day off work so Hilary stayed with me, She’s even paying for my brother’s rehab. I have to thank her in person! Devon and Mariah are surprised.

Vikki complains to JT that Ashley’s driving her crazy by acting so magnanimous. JT saw Victor and Ashley in the break room – he was actually smiling for once. Were they talking about me? Vikki pumps JT for information. People are starting to talk, he gets Vikki wondering who – Ashley? Lily? After everything I’ve done for that woman? Do you hear yourself right now? This is why JT thinks Vikki’s paranoid.