Friday, March 2nd

While Phyllis is at the penthouse, knocking on the door, Nick and Christian are receiving an enthusiastic welcome from Sharon and especially Faith.

On the phone with Abby, Ashley tells her not to blame herself. Call ended, Ashley reports to Jack that the nurse went to fetch a porter for their luggage and their Mother disappeared. Jack’s not sympathetic when hearing the nurse is distraught. Ash.. what if?? Jack picks up his tablet to look at his article online.

In her office, Vikki assumes the crisis that’s keeping Ashley from the office today is her spilling secrets to her brother. Victor gets a text from his PI – who’s hiring more detectives to find Chelsea and Connor. Vikki steers the subject back to Ashley (this article is proof that she was sent to Newman to spy) If she’s so mad at Jack, why do they live together? Victor isn’t as concerned about the ‘leak’ in the article but when Vikki reminds that only three people had access to that information, he calls to summon JT for an assignment.

As all gush over Faith’s welcome home banner, Mariah adds her welcome (but makes a point that Nick’s stay is temporary) Your Father and I are just friends, Sharon clarifies. Faith knows that – what am I five? Mariah looks concerned when Sharon fusses over Nick (and insists on making a big dinner) Alone with her Mom, Mariah worries about whether this arrangement’s good for Faith and Sharon. The longer they say, the more invested Sharon will be – then before you know it, you’ll start stalking his new girlfriend (OK, that last part was me) Sure that everything will work out, Sharon sends Mariah to CL’s for dessert – Nick likes peach pie. What? Really? Mariah all but rolls her eyes as she exits.

JT agrees that Jack’s article looks suspicious. Stressing that Ashley can’t know about this investigation, Victor leaves JT to let Vikki know that he’s on her side and will start his investigation right away.

Still at home, Ashley won’t let Jack blame Abby – Dina’s trip to Bordeau was well planned. Abby sends a text – unable to find Dina at the train station, they think she might have gotten on another train, She could be anywhere in Europe! Jack panics.

JT’s managed to access Jack’s laptop but sees no sign of wrongdoing. He wasn’t able to hack into Jabot’s servers. Vikki suggests JT investigate the old-fashioned way. Prepare to be impressed, JT leaves Vikki to make a quick call to Jack. No, he’s not in his office. He’ll send Gloria home and then Jabot will be empty.

Faith and Sharon are setting the table when Nick’s phone goes off. It’s Phyllis, Faith’s about to take it up to him when Sharon suggests just letting it go to voicemail (Dad’s busy unpacking)